CNBlue’s little drummer boy

It took me the entire HEARTSTRINGS to realize that Yoo Joon-hee, the strange drummer boy, is none other than CNBlue’s maknae drummer himself, Kang Ming-hyuk.




I mean, who could blame me when the “normal” Min-hyuk looks like this when he’s playing the drums for CNBlue:




Joon-hee, despite his frail frame, loved to eat and latched on to whoever would feed him “meat”. He never shared his food with anyone and gets excited even at the sight of coffee.




He was just adorable.




It was quite difficult to picture him in a role opposite Joon-hee but he did just that as Yoon Chang-young in HEIRS. He was the kind, loyal best friend.


kmh 12


The cool, smart dude who refused to be daunted by all the rich kids surrounding him.




In both dramas, he was the nice boyfriend so lucky these girls.



I don’t know why I have a soft spot for the maknae, the “L” in CNBlue for “lovely”. He’s not like Yong-hwa who is Mr Congeniality though Min-hyuk is not a snob. He’s not like Jong-hyun who has a sharp tongue (don’t let that pretty face fool you) or Jung-shin who’s kind of naughty. Min-hyuk is always the one smiling at the others’ antics and sometimes can get flustered when suddenly handled the microphone to say something. (So hard to tell that he’s a neat freak and the nagger in th egroup when it comes to cleanliness ei.)

He’s the one at the back of the stage and sometimes I wonder if he envies the other three who seem to be having a lot of fun strumming and strutting in front of him. Naturally, he can’t just leave his perch and jam with them though he’s always the one who sets the rhythm with his drums.



It seldom happens but he also sings. I love the Min-hyuk version of “Teardrops in the rain”:



In HEARTSTRINGS where he sings “Star”:



The live version:



Oh, and I ship these two:


yh x mh



I just learned that Min-hyuk auditioned for the Shinwoo role in YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL but it went to Yong-hwa instead. I’m not sure how much of this interview is exaggeration but I can just imagine the hyung hitting the maknae after watching this episode.



It’s okay Min-hyukiee. No one can fight fate.

And you still make many girls’ hearts go dugeun dugeun with your drums.

(Photos sourced from #kangminhyuk tag on tumblr)

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3 thoughts on “CNBlue’s little drummer boy

  1. Ahh, to tell you the truth, Min Hyuk is not the maknae, Jung Shin is 🙂 I also thought Min Hyuk was the maknae for almost six months after getting into my fandom of CNBLUE. Maybe because that cute face and being the drummer? I did not even bother to check their profile and just assumed that. LOL.


  2. Aww, Minhyuk is such a cutie. He was one of the best things in Heartstrings and the first “CNBLUE” song I fell in love with was Star. Something about his voice makes me so happy!
    He was also the only thing I could stand on Heirs, lol.


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