[idols who inspire] ‘it’s been five years , it’s time people know…’

Five years ago, Matsumoto Jun went to a school in Miyagi and left prepaid cards for students so they can buy books. Today, someone shared this little-known deed.

[music] Arashi’s 復活♡LOVE

Fukkatsu Love has all the elements of a Yamashita Tatsuro composition and Arashi brings their own style to the city pop genre.

[Arashi] Japonism live!

I can’t believe I waited nine years until last year to watch Arashi in concert. It was only my second tour this year and I wish the three hours were longer. Arashi once said that their concerts are the only chance they get to interact directly with fans (they don’t do handshake events anymore, which…

[Arashi] Japonism and that Showa J-pop sound

I never anticipated an Arashi album as much as Japonism, primarily because of the theme. And so I have been ready to embrace it with open arms and an open mind, hooks, flats and all. Like any other album, there are songs you fall in love at first listen while others need a second or…