do’s and don’ts of a Jpop fan

The joys of being a Jpop fan, or an Arashi fan in particular, far outweighs the pains. But to stay engaged, interested and excited, there are some do’s and don’ts.


[blog] fans’ famous last words

  Sometimes, the fangirl road is not straight with clear arrows. There are times that we try to fight that urge to, you know, spazz and flail. Maybe because we feel we have more than enough idols to handle already. Or maybe that we are too old for such adolescent stuff as pining over a…

[blog] all about the FAN

Disclaimer: This post is about fans and fandoms in general. If there are similarities to actual people or circumstances, then it must be…real. Some time ago, someone made a ruckus by dismissing shippers as “not real fans”. That got me into thinking on what a “real fan” is. And who’s to say who’s real and…