[drama] Dear My Friends…love, Noh Heekyung ♥

Dear My Friends has all the trademarks of a Noh Heekyung drama: realistic and in-depth portrayal of the lives of ordinary people.

[drama] Ddanddara…the Entertainer Band

The drama is bogged down by unnecessary subplots including a cringe-worthy love angle instead of focusing on the band.

[book] BOTCHAN #2016goals

Arashi’s Ninomiya starred in the drama adaptation of Japanese novel, Botchan, and breathes life to the irreverent, stubborn and upright title role. Nino is Botchan and Botchan is Nino.

[drama] On the Wings of Love

  (Spoilers alert.) Before I discovered Asian dramas, there were Filipino dramas. We grew up watching them after school or work and before dinner. And we complain about our mothers talking about the characters in the drama as if they knew them or they were real people. But it’s been a while since I watched…

[blog] yes, Yonghwa. I know Heartstrings.

“Do you know Heartstrings?” Yes, Yonghwa. I know Heartstrings. It’s one of my favorite dramas. Last year, I wrote about why I love it. This year as Heatstrings marks its fourth year since broadcast, let’s look at the top four songs from the OST. Not to say there are only four songs that deserve mention…