[book] six four

Six Four brings those crime thrillers Japan is famous for into the written word.

[book] BOTCHAN #2016goals

Arashi’s Ninomiya starred in the drama adaptation of Japanese novel, Botchan, and breathes life to the irreverent, stubborn and upright title role. Nino is Botchan and Botchan is Nino.

quirky Asia: Maru the cat

I have been spending most of this Saturday watching videos of Maru, dubbed as the “funniest cat on the planet”. Maru is a Scottish Fold cat who lives in Japan and loves boxes and paperbags. Watch his video here: I love dogs (yes Jay Chou, gou, gou, gou, gou). The only reason why I don’t…

my little prince

I was seven when I first read the book, The Little Prince. My mother gave it to me on my seventh birthday. I was fascinated and it became one of my favorite books. A few years later, when I was already an adult, I picked it up again and read it. I cried. Because then…