10 things I hate about Yong


[Obviously, a rip-off of 10 Things I Hate About You. Please read with a sense of irony and humor.]

I hate how you are so kind
And that you keep everything inside
I hate your sad songs
I hate it when you cry

I hate how you rock the stage
That no one hardly compares
I hate how you shine so bright
That nothing can dim your light

I hate how you had to leave
Without enough time to say goodbye
I hate it when you try to be strong
Even if you’ve been wronged

I hate the wait for your return
I hate that I have to mangle a poem
But trust me I don’t hate how I don’t hate you
Not even if I try, I won’t, I simply don’t

Happy 30th birthday, Jung Yonghwa!!!

He led me to the wonderful world of his music in my fangirl journey. I wish nothing but happiness and success for someone who has so unselfishly shared his talent and goodwill with his fans, rocked on through life’s upheavals and bravely walked on the road of fame littered with both thorns and flower petals. I hope his time in the military would give him a chance to take a breath from the heady ride of being a rock star, reflect on what has been, and recharge himself. Like a phoenix, I have no doubt that he will rise again, but I also wish that he does not forget that little boy who first dreamed of making his music known to the rest of the world. Don’t lose that dream, that earnestness, that heart–only for the fleeting things in life. And most of all, I wish he will live for himself.

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2 thoughts on “10 things I hate about Yong

  1. Thank you, we all miss him a lot. But I agree that the time off will only be good for him and that he’ll come back rested and stronger than ever. And hopefully living more for himself as well–


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