[fanatomy] acccccckkkkk!!! gae.


fanatomy: all about fan culture and psyche.

I’ll make this brief.

I’m a fan of a group. Make that two groups.

And within that group, I have my ichiban/bias (I really hate this term to be very honest but OK, in pop culture context, let my bias not show). But I like them all.

Fangirling a group is an exercise in acceptance, knowing that each of them would be of different personalities. It is also an exercise in appreciation, seeing how the differences form a cohesive whole.

But there would always be that someone who drew us into the group in the first place, the one who often captures our attention, the one who would be top. Everyone has their favourites, even parents have their favourite child.

So I get it that others would have their ichiban/bias and they won’t be my ichiban/bias.

I would even get it if you only like a member, and not the group. They call them akgaes in K-pop. And yes, many people are annoyed with them. More on akgaes here.

What I can’t tolerate is when you use your ichiban/bias as your all-around standard and make it an excuse to pick on the other members to make your fave look good. If ichiban/bias is really that good, you don’t even need comparisons. Why even the need to compare to lesser beings.

You like only one member, not the group, cool. (It must be a pain watching your ichiban/bias with the group. You want them to go solo? Let me grab my popcorn first.)

Just focus on your ichiban/bias and don’t drag the other members down in your quest to earn banzais. And remember, you reflect on your ichiban/bias.

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