[music] earfun, kiitekudasai [8]

Ain’t the Internet great. If used in the right way, that is, like searching for a song whose language you do not speak and whose title eludes you.

For a week now, I’ve been looking for this song used as the bgm for Rohui’s house (her clips are part of my reliable trunk of stressreliever) in episode 139 of The Return of Superman (played starting at 5:10).



But the sound was all I had going for me.

I’ve been stalking this blog playlist that lists the songs played in TROS episodes but as of today, the owner has not updated with the recent episodes.

So I turned to my friend Google, which took me to several sites that uploaded the episode. I skimmed through the comments until I came across one mentioning a song played at a particular time. (“OMG wasn’t that the song performed by L in Masked Singer?!”) I went to check hoping it was the song I was looking for and it was. At least now I have a lead. The song was performed by Infinite’s L on a TV program. Should be an easy job from now on.

Well, not really.

Most of the clips uploaded on the performance (episode 63 of Masked Singer) did not mention the song. The comments were mostly focused on L’s performance etc and no one even bothered to name the song he sung, or maybe no one was interested nor cared and since I can’t read Hangeul to save my life…

Thank goodness there’s reddit which proved to be useful. Et voila, I finally found the title and the artistes: 그녀를잡아요 (Get Her) by Carnival (a duo formed by Kim Dong Ryul & Lee Juck). It’s a 1997 song, pre-social network era so it was understandable how it was quite difficult to find, especially for a non-Korean speaker.

Here’s a 2008 performance on Yoon Dohyun’s music variety show Yoon Dohyun’s Love Letter that ran on KBS2 from 2002-2008 (the things that Internet tell you, ain’t Internet great):


I haven’t been lucky to find the lyrics and translation but somebody did a video of it.



Thank god indeed for Internet.




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