[idols who inspire] Park Bogum’s fangift wisdom



I’m not a Park Bogum fan though I’ve read about him. I haven’t watched any of his works or so I thought until I read he was in Blind with Kim Haneul, but I could not even remember him in that movie.

But I sure am impressed with his attitude on fangifts, a prevalent practice in the industry he works in.

Rather than getting me anything, be good to your parents.

I find it admirable for an artiste to reject fangifts, especially if it will be seen as “rude” and considered an “outright” rejection by fans who perhaps express their “love” and “devotion” to those they support by buying them things that ironically, these celebrities can very much afford and get heaps of from sponsors. Besides, it is considered a high form of fan service to accept these gifts.

I don’t know if Park Bogum’s fans have taken offence but he does look adorable when rejecting gifts from his fans.



Save this money since you’ve worked hard to earn it.

This brings to mind what Arashi’s Ninomiya once said that he does not want their fans to spend all their hard-earned money on their merchandise (Johnny’s fans cannot give them gifts but they do spend a lot on albums/DVDs and concert merchandise) so the group lobbied hard with their label J-Storm to bring down the price of their concert DVDs.

PBG has earned praises from the general public for his fangift policy (he is happy to accept chocolates and letters though) and we need more rolemodels like him.


Source: soompi

Source: soompi


Of course it’s your own money, you can choose how you spend it.

But where is the dignity in rich artistes accepting gifts from fans who, in most cases, had to pool together money to buy them? Besides, isn’t it a win-win if the money is instead spent on the work of these artists themselves whether it’s albums, singles, concerts, movies or official merchandise? Supporting artistes’ work allows them to achieve milestones in the industry and makes them more relevant than airport fashion photos ever could do.

But that’s just me.

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2 thoughts on “[idols who inspire] Park Bogum’s fangift wisdom

  1. He is sooo cute!!!
    I also like this kind of attitude regarding fan gifts but I agree that most celebrities can’t turn them down directly as they would appear rude. There’s an actor I know who does accept fan gifts but he actually uses them (like if the gifts were clothes, he would wear them during interviews and guestings) and he posts them on his FB as to thank the fans. On one hand, I think it encourages the fans to give him more gifts but I guess if you can’t really turn them down, atleast you can show you appreciate the gifts.


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