[music] earfun, kiitekudasai [7]

For a change, it’a s Western song. Not an “Engrish” song.

I don’t really follow Eurovision (wrong continent) but I watched the 2004 edition on TV in my past life as a fellow in Oxford. While my European classmates debated the merits and demerits of their respective countries’ entries, we Asians sat there both interested and perplexed. It would be interesting to see an Asian version of Eurovision, and in fact, there will be an Asia-Pacific one to be developed by an Australian broadcaster.

Meanwhile, this year’s Eurovision will be held on May 14 in Stockholm and surprise, surprise, there’s a familiar name in the line-up: Nicky Byrne of erstwhile Irish group Westlife. He will be representing Ireland of course with Sunlight, a song he also co-wrote. (Note: It seems Ireland has been booted out of the finals already?)

The song, as Mr White would say, is very snappy. It’s a happy, poppy song–nothing less of course from a former member of one of the most successful Irish male groups.

don’t be afraid
it’s only dark till the world turns ’round
just don’t look down
if you’re afraid of the higher ground



It also has a very catchy chorus:

fight like we’re winners
love like beginners
dance like you mean it
sing like you feel it

The song is more than enough blast from the past. I used to like Westlife and my fangirl stories of them may rival today’s sasaeng, but in a pre-Twitter era where you only had guts and instinct–not SNS–to guide you, and friends to laugh over it, not share it on a public platform. Nicky was also my favorite member though he had the weakest vocals. They were the first group I watched in concert too. Good times.

I’ve been catching up on Westlife news the past week. The group has had its share of ups and downs: Brian left in 2004; Mark admitted he was gay in 2005; the other three members eventually got married; Shane had his bankruptcy issues and in 2012, the group officially disbanded.

Looking at the present Westlife makes me wonder how it would be like looking at Arashi and CNBLUE years from now. They’d probably have their own families but would they still be active? I dare say though that Asian stars age better. I mean Mark, the youngest in Westlife, is the same age as Ohno, the oldest and Arashi’s leader. Nicky, Westlife’s eldest, is only two years older than Ohno, but Riida could pass as a teenager (not only because of the height).

I’m no longer a Westlife fan though I still like their music and still have a laugh with my friends over our fangirl days. Will it be the same for Arashi and CNBLUE when that time comes?

Live like you mean it.

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