[idols who inspire] Yonghwa’s advice to Juniel

[Starting this new corner because in a world that is increasingly f*cked up, we need some inspiration. Idols just don’t sell dreams, they also inspire.]

“Yonghwa oppa told me that since there’s one happy thing happening every day, even if you’re gloomy, try to live on that one happy thing!” [Source: Just JYH]

This was the advice that Yonghwa gave to Juniel when she was depressed. Juniel has recently left FNC and only had good words to say about the artistes.


credit:  JYH's Twitter

credit: JYH’s Twitter


Yonghwa has been described by his bandmates and labelmates as very level-headed and cool, always brimming with positive energy. And that’s commendable considering the pressure that he must deal with every day as leader of the band and an artiste in a dog-eat-dog industry.

I have been keeping a small diary (Who keeps a diary these days? I do.) where I jot down “highlights” of the day, including things to be thankful for, whether it’s as major as a successful project or as trivial as free ice cream at work.

Truly, if we focus on the good things in this world, we will find lots of them. And as Yonghwa said, there’s always a reason to be happy every day, and we can live through the day on that one thing except, ahem, if they are just delusions because you’re only flying fooling yourself.

I forgive you Yonghwa for all the sad songs then.

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