[music] Arashi’s 復活♡LOVE

Fukkatsu Love has all the elements of a Yamashita Tatsuro composition and Arashi brings their own style to the city pop genre.


[blog] the idol evolution

Nothing is forever. Even for idols who sell dreams and promise forever.

[book] BOTCHAN #2016goals

Arashi’s Ninomiya starred in the drama adaptation of Japanese novel, Botchan, and breathes life to the irreverent, stubborn and upright title role. Nino is Botchan and Botchan is Nino.

[music] Yonghwa and sad songs

Jung Yonghwa releases two new songs, a collaboration with singer Sunwoo Jung-a, and one of them is another sad melody reminiscent of OFD. Why does he write sad songs and why do sad songs sell?