[!fyi!] the fan who likes to ‘poop’


Against my better judgment, and on the advice of some well-meaning friends, I am posting about this “impersonator” in Disqus who uses a parody of my Twitter name and spreads hate against certain artists while at the same time defending her bias in many Korean entertainment blogs and forums.

If it were up to me, I don’t want to post about this fan who calls herself as “asianpoopfangirl” but just so the few people who follow this blog and my Twitter know and avoid confusion, I certainly do not poop in forums. I’m actually perplexed why someone would waste so much time and energy this way.

So just leaving all these here:

  • she’s an attention whore who is a stalker.
  • she is a Park Shinhye fan who is so industrious in defending and commenting on posts about PSH in all blogs and forums that she could probably find.


  • she hates Jung Yonghwa.


  • she ships PSH with others except JYH.


  • so go figure why she hates people who support Yonghwa and Shinhye and throws shade at the ship. I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out why.


  • her other interests


  • where she is


Anyone who reads this blog would know that I write about the artists I like. I spread the love because I am of the firm belief that fangirling should be aspirational and inspirational. I do not weave lies and spread them as truth. And I am certainly not shy about giving my two cents on certain issues and if that means there are people who don’t agree with that, that’s not my problem. It’s my opinion. If you don’t like it, don’t read; if you want to debate, I’m open to civil discussions as long as you are not a coward who resorts to cyberbullying just to get your “message” across.

That’s just pathetic and what is even more tragic is, it reflects on your idol and on yourself than on anyone else. Hopefully, people are smart enough not to generalize that everyone from your fandom is like that because there will always be rotten tomatoes in every fandom. And sad to say, the person you are defending has been a target of online bullies herself. Perhaps you should focus more on spreading love than hate for your idol, and being true to yourself instead of using someone else’s “shadow” to shine because stars never light up that way. What goes around comes around.

Thank you to friends who have been watching out for me and for the feedback while writing this post. You know who you are. I’m glad I’m surrounded by level-headed, sane people.

Lastly, if I have something to say, I say it here in my blog or on my Twitter, and not go parking myself in forums to debate, argue and defame people because I already have my hands full fangirling over the amazing artists that I support.

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