just sayin’ #9



Saw this tweet a few weeks back and RTed it myself because I found it hilarious and I’m posting it now because it applies to online reality.

A friend recently showed me someone’s SNS diarrhoea, facepalming on why people do that and I can only say…

“It’s the Internet. Who will stop anyone?”

Of course, it’s a different ballgame if we ask the spy agencies but that’s not what this is about.

New media has given anyone with a computer or gadget and an access to the Internet a platform to say something and along with it, a false sense of power. Only we hide behind virtual identities, typing away on our keyboards assured and confident with the thought that only the words we type leave their mark online, and it can be attributed to anyone. Wrong. You leave your digital footprints.

This is my blog and I can jolly say and write what I want for as long as I will hold myself responsible for my actions. But I won’t tolerate anyone coming here, with their dirty shoes, and leave their footprints everywhere. I write because I like to write, and I’m lucky that it’s also part of my job–except that there is a gap between what I do for a living and what I write here. I do not write for anyone and it’s a bonus if others read what I write, much more, if they go out of their way to leave insightful comments that may lead to a stimulating discussion as what has happened many times in the past. But, as the tweet said, “do not dumb here.”

If you don’t like my “shitty opinions”, then go elsewhere. Don’t come here and act all brave when you’re just a coward thinking your “anonymity” gives you some cloak. And I don’t understand why there are people who would waste their precious time reading something that triggers a nerve reaction in their pea brains and over-secretes dopamine making them go schizoFANia and think that fandoms are their personal cults. I can’t with people who wear a benign, pious face in public when behind that facade is a bigot who cannot tolerate others’ freedom of expression.

Don’t like? Don’t read. Do not dumb here.

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