just sayin’ #8

I blame the culture. Agencies allow the stanning fan practice to get to that level.

Fangifts? Those artists can afford them and thousands more. Why not give to charity instead? Help more people who really need help. Do it under the name of your artists, if you must.

Food support? That’s the job of production, you’re only saving them their budget which goes where? I hope not to their own pockets.

Taking photos? That’s what legitimate media is for. Sure, fans can take photos any time, but must it be a competition?

Fan projects? Just sit back, relax and enjoy the concert instead of getting distracted with this or that. Same with other fan projects, why not give something back to the community instead? Again, do it under the name of your artists, if you must.

All these “practices” and so we have fanwars and dramas. Who needs Korean dramas anyway?

But I hope it’s not true that Korean entertainment agencies encourage, and even nurture, this culture, sharing flight information, hotel and side schedules (privacy, anyone?). They tolerate particularly the airport photographers and use it as a status symbol for being “famous”. The more you have them following you everywhere, the more famous you are.

Which I find ironic. Because the more famous a person is, the more that person tries to avoid any attention. They don’t need it. They deal with lots of it already and the last thing they want in life is to have stalkers following them even when they go to the toilet.

But that’s just me sitting here with a huge tub of popcorn just sayin’ and thinkin’ out loud.




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3 thoughts on “just sayin’ #8

  1. I’ve never been able to understand k-ent fan culture. I don’t pay much attention to it unless something catches my eye and each time I just shake my head in bemused wonder.

    Donating to a charity in the artist’s name seems like a good way to conribute, if one absolutely wants to gift the artist somehow. There are groups and performers who actually prefer that and say so. And if you really want to give something to the artists themselves why not make it personal, something you’ve made yourself?


    • you say personal? girl, it’s been a battle of who can give them the most expensive gift it has gotten ridiculous. and imo, the agencies and the artists themselves should stop this practice. it’s only them who can curb such. sorry to quote Arashi but as Nino said, they don’t want their fans earning money just so they can spend it on them. but well, buying stars’ stuff might give these fans a better wellbeing ><


      • Well, that right there is one of the things I just can’t get my head around. The excessive gift giving and competing about it, it’s gone way overboard and should be discouraged. But that’s k-ent for you, unfortunately.

        I’m sure everything isn’t coming up roses in j-ent either but I’ve always felt that on the whole Japanese artists are more down to earth and level headed when it comes to things like this.

        Going bit off tangent here but as I’ve watched an uncommonly many jdramas this year, it’s quite apparent how much more grounded most of them are, compared to kdramas. I’m also been re-discovering the music side of j-ent, which has been sorta time consuming but fun. 😉


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