[blog] yes, Yonghwa. I know Heartstrings.

“Do you know Heartstrings?”

Yes, Yonghwa. I know Heartstrings. It’s one of my favorite dramas. Last year, I wrote about why I love it.


This year as Heatstrings marks its fourth year since broadcast, let’s look at the top four songs from the OST. Not to say there are only four songs that deserve mention because the OST of this drama is really good. It’s just fitting, isn’t it, since this is a musical drama. But in keeping with the theme, then four songs it is.

And what best way to begin than with “Jung Yonghwa’s greatest hit”. His words, not mine, araeso?

First String:

Neon Naege Banhaesseo (넌 내게 반했어/literally You’ve Fallen For Me)
Lyricist: Han Seong Ho
Composer: Han Seung Hoon & Kim Jae Yang
Singer: Jung Yonghwa

YFFM, as the song is famously called, is one of the favorites at CNBLUE concerts and always gets the crowd high. As Jonghyun said in one of their concerts, “it’s a nice song” and that’s considering this is not even a CNBLUE-composed song (which also means they have to pay royalty to, ahem, the two Hans of FNC every time they perform it; while everyone possibly know who Han Seong Ho is, I only learned about Han Seung Hoon, the brother and head of music production. We learn new things every day. And as added bonus, here’s a really interesting post on how royalties are paid or collected.) Being a latecomer to the CNBLUE fandom, I’m happy I had the privilege to watch them perform the song last year as a second encore at their Can’t Stop Busan leg during JYH’s birthday celebration, and of course, in Yonghwa’s One Fine Day solo tour.

Second string:

그리워서 (Geuriwoseo/Because I Miss You)
Lyricist: Han Seong Ho
Composer: Jung Yonghwa & Han Seung Hoon
Singer: Jung Yonghwa

This is the song that introduced me to the Wonderful Voice of Jung Yonghwa. A friend, knowing that I was finally curious about JYH and was watching Heartstrings, promptly recommended me to listen to this song. I remember listening to it for days on end, being soothed by JYH’s voice. It’s interesting that he composed the melody while Mr Han was on a toilet break and the song was done all under 30 minutes. Amazing for a song that pierces right through your guts. [Source]

Third string:

Comfort Song
Lyricsist: Han Seong Ho
Composer and arranger: Kim Jae Yang
Singer: Jung Yonghwa

The part where Comfort Song is played in the drama is one of the dramatic highlights. It must be the poignant lyrics or Lee Shin (aka Yonghwa)’s voice that catapults him into one of the most ideal boyfriends in K-drama land. Trivia: He told Mr Han that “a song that sounds like a whisper would be nice” for this part and recorded the song on the same night it was done. [Source]

Fourth string:

I Will Forget You
Lyricist: Shusui, Thomas G’Son
Composer: Shusui, Thomas G’Son
Arranger: Hirofumi Sasaki
Singer: Park Shinhye

Also known as the Korean version of Teardrops in the Rain, Jonghyun’s solo song that was featured in CNBLUE’s Now or Never Japanese album. It’s another favorite CNBLUE song. Check the source >> for more trivia on the song as it is featured in the drama. [Source]

Okay, as an added bonus, and since it’s his birthday anyway…

Bonus string:

Lyricist: Han Seong Ho
Composer: Kim Jae Yang
Singer: Kang Minhyuk

Minhyuk’s Joonhee is one of the cute charms of Heartstrings. It took me awhile to reconcile the clueless, childlike but with a construction worker’s appetite Joonhee to the gentle and cool drummer of CNBLUE who always has a ready smile for everyone (and which makes his eyes turn into slits). I love his performance both in the drama and in their Bluestorm concert.

Additional info from @anonchingu (follow AC on Twitter for the snarks and cheeky wisdom, though alas, AC only tweets occasionally): the production of Heartstrings OST wanted to make a distinction between CNBLUE leader Yonghwa and The Stupid leader Lee Shin, not only in terms of sound but even the style. The Stupid, after all, is still a university-based band, and not an established band like CNBLUE so the look, sound and feel had to be different. And so we have all these songs listed above.

Like I said, the Heartstrings OST is a gem and the drama itself continues to pull at the heartstrings four years later. As YFFM goes, it started out coincidentally but before I knew it, I have fallen in love. Right, Yonghwa?


Let’s listen once more with Lee Shin and Lee Gyuwon?


So yes, Yonghwa. I know Heartstrings, but I’m sure I haven’t watched it as much as you have.

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2 thoughts on “[blog] yes, Yonghwa. I know Heartstrings.

  1. Yes I’ve got the same song list as you, but I would add a double bonus song and that would be the guitar duet Lee Shin and his dad played together while he was in the hospital. Heartstrings not only had wonderful OSTs but also beautiful instrumentals as well. Yes Yong Hwa, we know Heartstrings!


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