[blog] 27 charms of Bolmae Jung

He got me into the Korean side of music. But there’s more to Jung Yonghwa, after all, he’s not Bolmae Jung for nothing. The more you get to know him, the more he becomes charming. So let me try to list down 27 of his charms in celebration of his 27th birthday (Korean age).

1. He writes and composes his own music
He’s hailed as one of the most talented and prolific songwriters of his generation, and his discography attests to that.



2. He plays instruments
Nothing is more sexy than someone who plays the guitar or the piano while singing. He has tried his hand at drums too. He’s a well-rounded musician.



3. Leader of the band
Of course, a huge part of his musical charm is his being leader of CNBLUE. They stand out on the Kpop stage overcrowded with idol groups and even if they are referred to as an idol band–and that doesn’t bring justice to their talent–but it has widened their popularity. Their success is a testament that you don’t need to dance to get the attention of fickle fans…although he tries (more on this later).



4. The soulful voice
A friend who listened to him for the first time was surprised at how he sounds. I guess as the leader of a band, people expect a true blue rocker voice, but what is a true blue rocker voice anyway? He can do rock, pop, ballad and can even rap.



5. Snaggletooth
Today, he revealed in his birthday FM that he’s going through orthodontic correction. From an aesthetic perspective, it does make sense, especially since he works in an industry that puts premium on a person’s looks. If it’s for his own good, then why not. But I hope the charmed tooth won’t totally disappear.


6. Sense of humor
A man with a sense of humor is sexy compared to someone who may be good-looking but is stiff as a log. He says he likes the atmosphere around him, whether at work or otherwise, to be light.



7. Good looks
All right, let’s be honest. The boy is blessed with good genes and that’s a really nice bonus. He sings, plays instruments, got a great sense of humor…and is good-looking too? How is that fair?


8. Eye mole
The mole on the bottom of his left eyelid gives him a unique beauty mark. It adds up to the DSM image actually. And I haven’t even touched on his chest mole yet.



9. Jjing
Who doesn’t like idols with pets? And Jjing is so adorable, too bad she can’t see her master all the time as she lives in Busan with his parents.



9. Dancing king
Like I said, he tries. The numerous dance steps he’s been trying in his One Fine Day Tour bring in the laughs but hey, he enjoys it. And that’s what makes it even more fun to watch.



10. Mama’s boy
He’s openly close to his mother and that can easily make all the fangirls sigh. But more than anything, props to Jung Mama for raising such a well-mannered son.



11. He cooks
A man in the kitchen? Mmmm.

Yonghwa's homecooked curry.

Yonghwa’s homecooked curry. @JYHeffect

12. Fan service king
His fans love showering him with gifts and he does not discriminate. He takes them all and shows his appreciation.

yonghwa jfk

13. Puppy eyes
Who can resist those pair of eyes? He proved it in THREE MUSKETEERS. Everyone just wanted to hug Park Dalhyang.


14. Pierced ears
He has stopped wearing earrings for some reason but he’s one of those few men who not only gets away with a pierced ear but both ears at that, and still looks manly.


15. Second male syndrome
He made the second male syndrome a legit fangirl affliction through his Kang Shinwoo in YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. I can’t even watch that drama in full because I can’t relive the pain of Shinwoo hyung. Thank god there’s HEARTSTRINGS.

credit: soompi

credit: soompi

16. Ideal boyfriend
His character Lee Shin has ruined all the boyfriend-wannabes for fangirls. Until now, many are still in love with the stoic, stubborn, sensitive Lee Shin.

credit: soompi

“You’re still the best actress for me.” credit: soompi

17. Yonglish
This deserves to be in a separate item. Yonglish is so charming, it’s part of the appeal of CNBLUE songs and the man himself. “I speak good English. Ha Ha ha.” Nuff said.

18. Linguist
Granted he must have a tutor helping him write those Weibo posts, but he has a gift for language, not only Chinese or English, but Japanese too. He also makes sure to pick up slang from wherever city or country he’s performing in. Ni xin ku le.

19. He draws
What else can this man not do? Though he’s not a professional artist, his drawings are very intriguing and offers another facet to his personality.



20. Mr Congressman
He loves to shake hands, which prompted fans to give him that moniker. He has the personality of a politician, which may come from his upbringing and the fact that he’s the leader of a band so a lot of things depend on him.

21. His friendships
He will be the first one to say that he doesn’t have a lot of friends in the industry, where networking is a must to survive. For sure, he is friendly and knows how to network but when it comes to the few that he trusts, he has demonstrated in his reality show HOLOGRAM that he can count them with his one hand: CNBLUE, Lee Joon, Park Shinhye.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

22. His coffee
Whether it’s his beloved Americano or any other coffee concoction, one often sees him with his favorite accessory: a cup of the drink.

credit on pic

credit on pic

23. His love for junk food
He loves sowshee, barjer, picha. He eats pizza almost every day and woe on those who have to eat with him though he reasons, it’s different flavors.

24. He’s athletic
Okay, fine, his muscles. But to get those muscles, and lift 110 kg, he needs to work out religiously, no? He also cycles and hikes (though I doubt he still has time for this). And he won’t be a so-called Running Man ace if he’s not fit for the part.



25. His charity
He is a philantrophist in the making. He’s still young yet he’s already doing big things in his capacity like building schools in Africa and the Philippines together with CNBLUE, and helping raise funds for charity. Give him more years and greater success and hopefully, he would be able to use his celebrity status more for the greater good.

26. He’s level-headed
Controversies are part of the industry he moves in; so many times, many variety shows have tried to bait him in (an example is Radio Star with CEO Han and the issue with Hongki) but he always keeps his cool and watches what he says.

27. He’s a Busan Boy
Trivia: He was born in Seoul but raised in Busan (thanks @anonchingu). But that doesn’t make him less of a southern boy. And men from that part of Korea are good-looking (a post about this has been pending for a long time).

There are a lot of other things about JYH that make him more charming. And I hope as he adds one more year, he adds more to his charm.

생일 축하 해요 Yongyong!!!

I only have a simple wish for him and that is, beyond all the craziness of the business he moves in, he stays true to his dreams and to himself. Above all, I wish him happiness because a happy JYH means a more inspired and fulfilled musician and artiste.


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  1. AC is flattered to be mentioned in the same post as this devilishly handsome, crazily talented, wonderfully well mannered birthday boy… but… isn’t the eyemole really in his left eye instead of the eyelid?!?


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