#fangirlproblems #8

Okay, this is a #fangirl problem specific to a fandom: GD or TOP.


See, I’m in my BIGBANG”phase” now.

But first things, first. I don’t go into phases like this period, I’d fangirl this and the next, I’d fangirl that. I may like a song but I won’t go beyond that. If I do…it’s no longer a phase but a case. A fangirl case.

And so here I am watching BIGBANG’s guesting on Happy Together (and enjoying it immensely), monitoring their WL2P performances and while writing this, reading Kwon Jiyong’s biography. I may not be into their music yet–we might get there eventually, we might not, who knows–but I am so digging their group history and their personalities. You see, I have a weakness for idols who know how to poke fun at themselves. In short, crazy dorks.

Now, GD.


I’ve always had this image of him as a bad-ass idol what with the news I’ve read and fleeting photos I’ve seen with the weird popstar styling. But there was disconnect when I saw his photos from the Chanel show looking so dapper (prompting me to say that hey, GD does look good without the styling) and in their first performance of WL2P where he was wearing a fedora and an anorak. Much more when I watched their Happy Together appearance. He came across as like a slightly reserved (or detached), sometimes lost little boy (especially when he had to present his food, a stylized version of the Korean fave chocopie, which he said they used to eat sparingly during their salad days).

Then of course, there are the stories on how he started out in the industry at five years old and experiencing difficulties as an entertainer at such a young age; how he trained under SM then moved to YG, what he had to do as a trainee…BIGBANG fans all know it by heart. I’m just starting to appreciate it. Who doesn’t like such success stories anyway?

The disconnect between his popstar image and how he comes across on variety shows–granted that can still be part of a managed public persona–appeals to me though. I get confused whenever he smiles because I expect him to scowl in keeping with his bad boy image. And before this, I never thought G-Dragon is someone who can wear shorts and suspenders on a music show and get away with it.

And then there’s TOP.


Who doesn’t like Tee. Oh. Pee? I first saw him in IRIS but really appreciated him when he did the Millet campaign with Park Shinhye last year (Dear Millet, please bring back TOP with PSH; no matter how dull and fugly your clothes are, he makes them look fab; and their winter campaign was just so pretty even with the fake snow, plus, and more importantly, they also look good together; better yet, someone put them in a drama).

Okay…going back to Choi Seunghyun. He looks like a sculpture and then he speaks. Goodbye sanity. Plus the fact that he can’t dance (tell me honestly, he really can’t?!) adds all the more to his appeal. Or how he trolls fans on his IG. Oh and how he does not wear short sleeves or shorts ever, even during summer. He jumps into the pool in the WL2P MV in his pajamas with a bloody robe over it. Can I say I like the weirdness?

But more than all these physical manifestations and um, weird strange fascinating personalities, I respect the talent. GD is hailed as one of the best musicians of his generation while TOP is also a multi-hyphenated idol and even includes furniture designer in his bio. I may not dig their music just yet but I respect hard work, creativity and talent, and we all know how much it takes for anyone to make it in the cut-throat world of entertainment, especially in a crowded, over-saturated stage of K-pop.

So GD or TOP?

Must a fangirl choose?

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10 thoughts on “#fangirlproblems #8

  1. Why choose between them, just take both! It’s great to see such multi-talented artists and I love their music too. I also just finished watching Running Man with Big Bang and I about died from laughing too much!


  2. i love reading your posts and updates. and now im reading this, maybe its a start of becoming a BB fan. I like them too, recognizing them as Kings of kpop, like Arashi for me in Japan’s idol groups. I am more into their personality and their humble beginnings, and how they strived and stick together till now.
    Have you seen Running Man where GD dived in the pool of mud? It’s epic.
    They were saying YG artists, specially GD is intimidating around other idols, but seeing him participate in RM makes me think it is only the media that creates this kind of impression in him/them (the intimidating presence). They are really dorks who makes fun of themselves too.


    • I think the attraction of BB for me is how they are quite similar to Arashi. their personalities and group dynamics remind me so much of the Jpop bakas. I gotta watch that RM episode! is it the latest one? I really enjoyed their Happy Together appearance. I like my idols to be flawed and funny. I cringe at fans who put their idols on a pedestal, “worshiping” them as “perfect” as if they are gods and not human beings. but BB…wow their story is so interesting.


  3. I think I get that ‘crazy dorks snatch away ur heart’ part.. 0.0
    And right now I am searching for their musics but I’m not really into them yet so, only the new songs that had captured my mind right now; Loser and WL2P. Loser really got the beat right, by the way~ ah. stop the babbling.

    I want to tell you, it’s because of me reading ur posts that makes me fall head over heels with WL2P. I’d never really care ’bout it anyway, not into the kmusic and all and I’d blame you if with WL2P I’ll forget my other dorks there in Nihon. Not that I will anyway; just want err.. give you the kinda ‘warm’ feeling when you read my comment.

    Okay. That’s it. Enough of me rambling. Hands off the keyboard. lol. -,-


    • Hahahaha you are funny!!!! I guess it was fate that made me click WL2P coz otherwise I skip. And guess what, it’s the kind of song that reminds me of our beloved dorks lol


  4. uhmmm GD! cuz im obsessed with his 니가 뭔데 song right now

    but imma gonna throw in seungri too. cuz seriously he’s a puddle of fails. he cracks me up


  5. Actually TOP doesn’t wear sleeveless because of his childhood. He was fatboy, and got bullying. I’ve read this somewhere. Even in front of his friends, he didn’t take his clothes off. If you want me to choose, I choose none of them hehehehe..I choose bigbang, as I choose cnblue for four of them.


  6. It’s a well established Kpop fact that TOP cant dance haha..even YG kept on teasing him with his dancing when he guested in WIN. He used to be really depressed when they started out because he cant keep up with the choreo.


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