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As if Arashi fangirls need more convincing to go to Japan but thank you Japan National Tourism Organization for putting more preshah (pressure) on us.

Arashi has been promoting Japan as a tourist destination since 2011, months after the Great East Japan Earthquake. And in an old NHK music program video, Jun did tell a fan from the Middle East:

“Come and visit Japan, [Arashi] will be here.”


jun arashi japan


So the message is clear and we’ve all heard it loud and clear. But like I said, not that we need any more convincing. Japan is, after all, one of my favorite countries not only because of Arashi. I list 10 top reasons why:

  1. the food — omg. In my recent trip there, every meal was a gastronomic delight. I have never been disappointed in any food I’ve eaten while traveling in Japan. I’m starting to suspect it must be laced with some charm.
  2. Japanese toilet — need I explain this? I mean, really? Everyone I know who’s been to Japan wants to take this piece of Japanese “furniture” home.
  3. konbini — going to the convenience store is an experience in itself. I can spend an hour inspecting the products and I particularly love the ice cream section.
  4. shinkansen — it’s convenient, comfortable and extremely addicting, but also dangerous because once you go back to your own country, you expect the same traveling options and then you’re hit with the bitter reality.
  5. the seasons — I live in a country where there are only two seasons: hot and hotter (okay, I’m lying. January is the best month of the year because it’s so cool it feels like autumn). Japan is so beautiful in each season although it can be punishingly hot during the summer. Winter is so pretty with the different illuminations, spring with the flowers, summer with the yukatas all out and fall with the changing colors of the leaves.
  6. the fashion — I love Japanese fashion because it’s so understated and classy.
  7. the customs — the Japanese are among the most polite people I know, even among friends. One of my friends would still ask for my permission to send me something, even if it’s Arashi and she knows I’m a big Arashi fan.
  8. KitKat — okay, this needs to be a separate item because Japanese KitKat has become a well-liked, if not most requested, omiyage. In reality, the different KitKat flavors are quite difficult to find even in Japan because they are seasonal and some prefectures have flavors that are only unique to them and you can’t find them anywhere else.
  9. the landscape — it may be an exaggeration to say that everywhere you look in Japan, it’s like a postcard. Or maybe I am just too smitten with this country.
  10. omotenashi — all of the above won’t be possible or can’t be enjoyed without the people who create them. And this is what “Omotenashi Nippon” is about (JNTO, can I now apply as a writer? I can spell Nino’s name correctly too).

Omotenashi means the Japanese brand of hospitality and in the short film produced by JNTO, Arashi plays different roles: ryokan staff Sho, candycutter Aiba, washoku chef Jun, gardener Nino and bathhouse painter Ohno.






View the video from this page: Omotenashi Nippon


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I’ve been to Japan several times over the years but I’ve only been to Tokyo until last year when I went to Nagoya and realized there’s just so much of Japan I want to explore. I need to see Mt Fuji up close (I am not ambitious to climb it), the lavender fields in Furano, experience Sapporo in winter, Nara, Kyoto (one day is never enough) and Sakura season everywhere. What have I been doing with my life and my visits to Japan all this time? Though Tokyo is also a neverending labyrinth and there’s always something new to check out every time I go back.

Japan has really been aggressive recently in attracting tourists, what with easing visas and all. Thanks to a weak yen, last year was also a record year for the country with 13 million visitors.

So yeah, what are we all waiting for? Arashi and a whole lot more are waitng for us in Nippon.

See you, Japan. Maybe?

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11 thoughts on “[blog] omotenashi Nippon with Arashi

  1. All the reasons i want to go to Japan (Other than Arashi) you listed right here! I have wanted to go there for a while but i have no one to go with >.< because those close to me don't have much of an interest in any of it.


      • That’s the challenge, not many Arashi fans live around here. Although I have had other JPop lovers listen to some Arashi songs, but they all tend to only like Jpop artists who sing only Anime theme songs. :/

        The internet is my best bet LOL.


  2. I’ve missed you ā¤ but I can absolutely relate to all your awe of the wonders of living in Japan. It's just so utterly different from where I live (and I'm guessing, also from where you live,too), and the whole culture is very community-oriented, placing a great emphasis on manners, respect and consideration for your neighbors and fellow members of society. Sure there are some aspects of this nation that may be jarring or even distasteful to foreigners, but for the most part, I loved it, and if I could get a chance to one day work or live in Japan, even just temporarily, I would do so in a heartbeat.

    RL is picking up for me, so I have been horrible at keeping up with Arashi lately. I've also been terrible at keeping up with my friends in fandom too. But I guess one of the things I really like about this fandom is that one can step forth or back whenever they want to. So I'll be stepping back for a while, but I do miss you, and I wanted to wish you a happy new year before the season passes!



    • Happy new year girl!!! We haven’t been able to catch up since our respective Japan adventures! I’ve been distracted by RL too but it helps me through when I distract myself with Arashi lol

      Wishing you the best in 2015 ya and more time for fangirling coz ya know, it’s a life essential lol


  3. Japan and Europe are my ultimate dream destination! And like you, arashi is not the only reason i would love to go in Japan. The culture and the country itself are reason enough. I was looking at this site earlier where you can apply to study the language there in Japan, too bad it was too expensive for me! šŸ˜¦ my only wish is for Japan to lift the visa so i only have to wait for seat sale and can go there anytime i like! šŸ™‚


  4. Hi I was in Japan in 2012 for 6 days. Stayed in Osaka but made day trips to Kyoto and Narra. I loved it so much that I convinced my husband to make another trip there together come June. It’s too bad they don’t hold Arashi concerts in June…I hear Matsujun look way more handsome in person (I didn’t think he can look better than the photos I’ve seen so far)..’will have to plan that in Nov. but I hear the tickets can only be obtained through the Arashi fanclub…oh my…By the way, I love your blog…very much so.


    • Thanks so much for reading!
      When I saw Jun up close, like a foot away during a presscon, I felt sucked in by his eyes. His eyes are so beautiful.
      You can buy tickets from auction sites, but ofc they’re marked up. Most likely they’ll have the next tour in November though I’m hoping they have a new year concert for a change since it’s not likely they will be hosting Kohaku this year.


  5. Nice written as usual šŸ™‚
    I laughed at “hot and hotter”, i live in Indonesia so i get your feeling.
    It seems fun to have japanese fan as friend, how did you know them? Are you member of official fanclub? Cause i read your post about going to Digitalian (not to mention i envy you to death).


    • Thank you!!! I have friends who are FC members but they didn’t hit and even they had to buy from auction which I did lol it helps though if you or a friend can speak and read Nihongo coz the ticket sites are all in Japanese! XD AH the things we have to do as Arashi fans lol


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