[music] earfun, kiitekudasai [2]

Maybe this will be a regular feature, posting on music that I “discover” while watching music shows. I’m listening to Tatsuro Yamashita right now while writing this but at work, I’ve been listening to Southern All Stars a lot. Keeps me awake and my colleagues are wondering where did those good-looking boys I used to watch on my iPad go.

My top favorite at the moment is 東京 VICTORY (short version):



They sang this at KOHAKU 2014 together with the controversial Peace & Hi-lite:



Too bad there’s no translation on Sazan’s songs (maybe they need younger fans to do the romanji and translate the lyrics for them) that I can find on the net.

I also love Ima, Sakihokoru Hanatachi, by another ojisan band, Kobukuro:



I heard them on MUSIC STATION’S SUPER LIVE 2014, which I watched simultaneously with SBS’ GAYO DAEJUN, where I discovered Back by Infinite. So for a change, a boy band. (My colleagues would be relieved.)



I don’t know a thing about Infinite to save my life and when I listen to music, I don’t look at the face–okay, fine, VISUALS.

So ojisan or boy band, as long as it’s earfun, then kikimashou.

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16 thoughts on “[music] earfun, kiitekudasai [2]

  1. LOL! How come you managed to pick one of MY idol groups? Yup, I’ve got a few, though some I keep tabs on more permanent bases than others. Infinite I can even name. XD I’ve never been able to limit myself to just one artist. I guess it’s because I generally tend to go by music/genre, not by the performers. To begin anyway.

    I rather liked your ojisan band, as for Kobukuro, them I’ve liked for a while now. Ima, Sakihokoru Hanatachi sounds so very Irish. 🙂


    • Now that you’ve mentioned it, yes ISH does sound Irish, even the feel of the MV.

      I’m glad you like my ojisan band! lol and wah, you’re an Infinite fan? I really like Back… back back back back. hahahaha


      • I used to listen to a lot of Irish trad. back in the day, managed to see some of the ‘greats’ live too. So listening to ISH made me sort of nostalgic.

        No sure I’d call myself a ‘fan’ when it comes to Infinite but I do like the kids a lot (enough to feel like a proud omma when I see how they’ve improved, yet again, in the past few years ^^) and generally enjoy most of their songs and performances. ‘Back’ is their best piece since ‘Before the Dawn’ (gosh, I really fell for that one), imho. 🙂


      • I think ‘Last Romeo’ was one of the experiments, they tend to try out new things from time to time. Not all of them pan out though. 🙂 Now that you are at it, give ‘The Chaser’ and ‘Be Mine’ a spin too. Could be more to your taste. XD I really like ‘Diamond’ as well, even if it’s a slow one. The live perfs are generally reallt good.


      • I did my assignment sunbae. Before the Dawn sounds like Jpop. I kinda like Be Mine but I guess I’m too “in like” with Back nothing comes close lol


      • Heh, that’s how it often goes. BTD was the Infinite song that made me sit up and take notice. Eventually I got through all of their songs since debut and grew to like most of what they put out, before and since. It’s been rather fun watching them ‘grow’. Fun fact – Infinite actually debuted the same year as CN Blue, only that year I didn’t pay attention to any other group but CNB, ha.


  2. Wah, totally true! 😀
    Mmm though I’m not one of Infinte fan, but LOVE the PV/MVs above! The Kobukuro’s looked so Irish, indeed, with that Irish-y instrument [?]. Thanks for your SAS reviews, I kinda like their genre :D. Have you watched Kami no Hikouki PV from Kobukuro? It’s great too, heart warming one, you should watch it >.<. It used as Kekkon Shinai dorama [Amami Yuki, Tamaki Hiroshi, and Kano Miho as the casts]. Ah talking about that dorama…I wonder if you wanna make a review about that? He2…thanks for this post!


    • thanks for the tip — will check Kobukuro’s Kami no Hikouki and the drama too coz you said the magic name… Tamaki Hiroshi! LOL

      SAS rocks my world at the moment XD

      thanks for reading and commenting!


  3. You should also try listening to Kubota Toshinobu, the Father of Japanese Soul Music. I fell in love with his songs “La La La Love Song” after watching Long Vacation with Kimutaku in it. 🙂 His songs are amazing and his voice is unique. 🙂


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