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The decision has been made: I am going to Nagoya in what may be the fangirl trip of my life. It’s the only city where concert dates for both Arashi and CNBLUE work (thanks to @ShayMujan for pointing out the Nagoya dates!)Ā  and by hook or by crook, I am going to watch Arashi. That’s the optimist in me thinking although the pessimist side can’t help but recall July 2007.

I was in Tokyo that time for work. It was no coincidence that I timed the trip when Arashi was having their concert. My former Japanese classmate went with me to Lawson’s to check if we can still get tickets from there. The previous year during my visit, my friend didn’t know Arashi yet but this time, she proudly told me she knows them. So off we went to Lawson’s and checked that ATM-like machine. She couldn’t find it so she asked the store clerk if there were tickets and we were told they were not available. “Not available.” The words still ring in my ears, except he said it in Nihongo of course.

I stayed a few days more in Tokyo for a vacation and another friend who is also an Arashi fangirl joined me. Though we knew we couldn’t get tickets, our foolish selves still went all the way to Yokohama to queue up for concert goods and got tanned in the process. On our way to the venue in the morning, we saw many fangirls lined intermittently along the streets from the train station, holding banners in Japanese. They looked desperate. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out they were looking for Arashi tickets.

I wonder if I’d end up holding a banner in Nagoya in December saying “will work for Arashi ticket” or maybe “will sell my soul for Arashi ticket” will be more apt.





To think that was 2007, when they were just finally breaking through after the dark years. It was hard to get tickets then but it was still possible. Whereas now… what did I get myself into?

Making the decision to go was only the first step. There are concert tickets to secure and of course, hotel and air tickets as well. Getting CNBLUE tickets was the easy part and I cry at how five tickets equal one ticket for an Arashi concert. Of course I shouldn’t compare since the market conditions are totally different. Besides, CNBLUE holds concert tours in Asia and South America while Arashi is based in Japan, which makes them more inaccessible, thus spiking up demand whenever they hold their concerts. The last time they performed overseas was in 2008, not counting Hawaii last month for their 15th anniversary. And with 1.65 million members of their fan club, I guess it’s pretty obvious that the demand is high though I wish that people would not use it as a business venture and milk fans for profit. Wishful thinking, I know.

Of course every now and then, I have doubts. It’s not cheap to go to Japan, as it is. But is it more crazy to spend that ridiculous amount of money for a single concert ticket that’s as expensive as an air ticket, or even more? (Not to mention that the profit does not even go to my favorite Uncle or to Arashi.) “But you’ve been their fan for nine years.” “it’s their 15h anniversary!” “You’re there to watch CNBLUE and you won’t watch Arashi?” “You only live once.”

This YOLO… just how many people made crazy decisions because you know… YOLO?

P.S. as @Arashi_Tsu said, “if not now, when? Life is too short to wait forever.”

I’ve been putting off an Arashi concert trip every year since 2007 (on one hand, I haven’t gotten over the postponement of the Bangkok leg in their Arashi Around Asia and hasn’t quite forgiven the military for the coup) but this year is their 15th year and I have been putting it off for a long time. So even if I’m daunted by the concert ticket battle, this is going to be a leap of faith. Ikimashou!

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17 thoughts on “[blog] will work for Arashi ticket

  1. Good luck for the Arashi ticket! XD We, who always dream of watching any concert in Japan, understand the trouble you must go through for getting the ticket. Even the easiest ones are still considered troublesome for me. And it’s just getting the tickets. Not to mention preparing for hotels, how to spend quality time there, asking for leave permits, etc etc.

    It takes strong will, huge amount of money, a little bit insanity and lots of luck! LOL!

    Btw, you are going to watch CNBLUE’s last performance for wave, and I will watch the first show in Tokyo! Hopefully we can get really good time watching our dream concerts in Japan! XD

    • THIS: “It takes strong will, huge amount of money, a little bit insanity and lots of luck!”

      omg I feel like I have loosened some screws with what I’m doing right now. I don’t know if I did the right thing LOL

      wow, you are watching CNBLUE in Budokan!!! I would have wanted to go to that concert but the dates don’t work for me and it’s too soon! and only tonight I realized that Nagoya is their last leg and when it hit me, all doubts I had went flying out the door and I went to book my flight right away hahaha

      but the doubts still haunt me. where art thou affordable Arashi ticket? hahahaha

  2. I do hope you try to see Arashi in concert!!! I saw them in Hawaii and it will probably be the one and only time I will see them in concert, but it was worth the plane ticket, hotel and concert tickets! When I heard they would be in hawaii, I told my sister we were going before I knew tickets would be available outside Japan. I figured I could at least get merchandise.
    Even if you have to spend some money I think it would be worth it. Make sure you get good seats. The whole experience of getting merchandise, meeting other fans, and the actual concert is such a great experience.
    Good luck to you! I wish all Arashi fans could see them live! Can’t wait to read your blog about the concert!

    • Just reading your comment made me excited! I regret not going for Hawaii because at least it was relatively easier to get the tickets. And thanks for the wishes, I need all the luck I can get XD and right now, I just want to get a ticket, I don’t care what seats with the way the battle is going. so stressful, makes me guilty spending that much money on a ticket alone hahahaha

    • yes indeed, “every fangirl’s dream” and I don’t want it to end up as Arashi Arashi for dream when I’ve been on this for like nine years! LOL thank you girl!

  3. ohmygod, I’m so excited for you!!! Good luck.

    For us international fangirls who are not fanclub members, watching an Arashi concert live is like the pinnacle of fangirling. XDD (or was that just me?) But anyway, I hope you’ll get to realize this dream this year. Again, good luck!!!

    • thank you!!! and no it’s not just you. for all of us LOL and this dream is so expensive! it’s free to dream but takes money to accomplish it lol

  4. I (and no doubt many others) wish you good luck and shall live vicariously through you! It will surely still be fun to be there and maybe catch a glimpse of them if you don’t manage to secure those coveted tickets. Despite the odds, I sincerely wish for your dream to come true!

    • aww thank you so much! and since this is Arashi, I don’t think I can even manage to catch a glimpse of them outside the concert so watching it is my only hope lol good luck to me indeed XD

  5. Sometimes other fans just makes me wanna cry. Seeing ARASHI is just a too-far-away dream to me right now, considering i’m just a student who lives too far away. I wish ARASHI is still very active by the time my chance come. (I wonder when will that ever be)

    Ganbatte ne.

    • hey, don’t feel bad. there’s a reason why their debut song is Arashi Arashi for dream because there are millions of us who share that dream. don’t despair, it will come one day. Arashi knows there are people outside Japan who want to see them too. let’s just hope that time comes soon and let’s wish them the best too coz I’m sure they’re trying really hard to reach out to every one of us. XD

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