[blog] you are beautiful and all grown-up

I watched YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL many dramas ago.

But I never got to finish it. Okay, I cheated. I skipped to the ending after the first few episodes wherein I couldn’t stand Jang Geun-suk and his never blinking left (or right?) eyelid. That bothered me a lot plus the fact that I was rooting for the second lead, whose name I didn’t even know. I just had to know if the girl ended up with second lead guy. Of course she didn’t, this is dramaland where the bad guy gets the girl. That’s all I remember of the drama–JGS’ eyelid–aside from the heartbreaking ending and oh, the golden-haired boy seemed funny too.

I barely even remembered the characters’ names.



Fast forward years later and who would know that I won’t just end up knowing the name of the actor who played the second lead, but even became his and his band’s fan? What were the chances?

And what were the chances that the drama’s four leads would make it big in the business? Of course, those who picked them to form the band A.N.JELL knew that these kids were the industry’s future. They weren’t exactly kids anymore, Park Shinhye and Lee Hongki were 19, Jung Yonghwa was 20 and JGS was 22 when they did the drama.

yabanjellAnd now, the future is here five years later and look where they are.

yabtaekyungJGS, well, I’d be candid. He’s always been the subject of practical jokes among me and my friends who can never take him seriously (I once sent them “omiyage” that turned out to be candies with JGS’ face on the package.) It became even more hilarious when he went through that pretty man phase with his long hair. And he’s gotten even more bizarre through the years. I don’t really dislike him but I don’t dig his cheek to call himself “prince of Asia” though I guess at a certain point in his career, he was one. One cannot deny his contribution to Hallyu after all. He has a solid following in China and Japan though mismanaged along the way. But he’s still around and Taekyung-hyung has even formed a unit, Team H, and I gotta say, they do produce good club music.



yabjeremyThe golden-haired boy named Jeremy, Lee Hongki in real life, is not doing bad himself. He and his band FTISLAND are doing great in Korea and Japan, and on their backs helped establish FNC Entertainment. Hongki has one of the most powerful vocals I have heard and he’s a livewire in person. He’s also doing great as an actor both on the musical stage and on TV. I also like how Hong Star remains blunt–even recently getting into a skirmish with a group of fans on Twitter that made him decide to close his account on the platform. It’s so hard to stay real and toe the line in an image-conscious industry but he won’t be Hongki if he’s a conformist.




yabshinwooAnd that second-lead guy? Well, he’s not second lead anymore. He got the girl in their second drama together and he’s no less than the leader of one of Korea’s top rock bands (okay, I’m biased but this is my blog). Shinwoo-hyung still exudes that warm guy aura but he has grown up both in his acting and his music. The nickname Bolmae Jung he earned during YAB not only stuck but has become gospel truth. The more you watch Jung Yonghwa, the more he grows on you. He has led CNBLUE to conquer places that I suppose even Shinwoo didn’t dream of and Yonghwa the actor has progressed from second lead to leading man and now, musketeer acting alongside respected senior actors. Definitely not bad for the newbie among A.N.JELL when they started (it’s also his fifth debut anniversary). He’s on his way to the top of the world as a multi-hyphenated star: singer-band leader-composer-musician-actor. And so much more.



yabminyuMeanwhile, the title roler of YAB has indeed grown up to be beautiful. If I look at Park Shinhye’s pictures as Minyu (or especially Minam), I wouldn’t have any idea that she will grow up to be this classy beauty that many would dismiss as too simple but is in fact breathtaking in its simplicity. And in a world of plastics, she stands out. I don’t really fan girls but I do admire how there’s a Minyu in Shinhye with her charity works and there’s a Minam too with how she is as a friend. For Park Shinhye, the actress, there is a lot of room for her though it won’t be easy for someone who comes from a small agency and appears to be a normal girl with a close-knit family (not to mention many friends making her the envy of, well, many haters). But South Korea’s little sister is on her way to becoming queen… at least on the big screen with her new movie.

A.N.JELL–Taekyung, Jeremy, Shinwoo and Minam/Minyu–may have just been a reel idol band but in real life, each of the members have pursued their big dreams. It’s actually heartwarming how these four people met when they were practically just getting their feet wet in the murky seas of showbusiness and despite the waves have remained friends. To them obviously, YAB was more than just a drama. It was the door that led them to so many things.

Happy fifth anniversary, A.N.JELL!

Perhaps it’s time to really sit down and watch the drama in full.

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20 thoughts on “[blog] you are beautiful and all grown-up

  1. Your headerrrrr. SO CUTE.

    Back to the post haha. I loved the show so much when I first watched it but strange… now I just can’t even bear the thought of watching even a scene o.o guess I’ve grown up myself haha


    • hahahaha sashiburi desu!
      hmm the closest feeling I could get to how you feel is when I recently tried to watch NOTTING HILL. I used to watch it like every bloody day. but now, I couldn’t even finish it lol I guess we outgrow many things in life.


  2. I love YAB to pieces….and have already seen it twice…one of my go-to dramas….loved the main pair of JGS and PSH…and the humour…I liked JYH and LHG as well..


      • I’m really sorry to spam here (again) but can I ask a … possibly silly question… how do you have two Twitter accounts?? Do you need two separate emails for that? I’m not sure if I’d rather be my blogger self or my real self hahaha and the conclusion is maybe I need to have two separate accounts…


      • Ahhhhh no wonder!! Damn this means I need to open a new email… :/ okies thank you ^_^ (and I followed you on both your accounts cos wasn’t sure what was which initially :p)


      • I followed you back! your account is protected? I don’t recommend following me in my other account since I’ve sort of neglected it but thanks for the follow lol and I better warn you, @asianpopfangirl is as what it says, all fangirling stuff hahahaha


      • If you want me to unfollow you there just aay the word haha I understand. I’m still tryna figure this out for the most part haha but have approved your follows 🙂 and mine is protected cos I’m naturally paranoid hahaha


  3. to that person who won’t leave me alone over my comment on JGS, I am trying to be nice but you’re the one who mentioned him and plastic surgery in one sentence. let’s not go there. or you shouldn’t go there. just saying.


  4. Dear “lmao”,

    I ignored you the first time but you kept coming back to this post to leave comments I have lost count. I do understand that fans tend to be protective of their idols. I do not want to explain myself, much more in my blog or to a stranger like you, but I write candidly. I was not insinuating anything when I wrote my observation about your idol so I see no point why you are being overly defensive or accuse me of being biased. In the first place, I have no pretensions of being “objective” here, this is a blog for crying out loud. If you can’t take it, don’t read. You think that you can harass me in my own blog by hiding behind a fake name. Please know that being “anonymous” on the Internet does not mean that you don’t leave any digital footprint. Please, there are other blogs out there that I’m sure would be to your liking, stop wasting time on mine.

    Thank you.


  5. Hisashibhri desu~ i qas also roothong for yong when i watched this drama (gesh i always root for the second lead lol)… i actually thought i could finish it… watxhed eps 01-10 in just one sitting then… i got bored lol so i onky got to finish u til ep12 i think… plus you know i dont like the girl im sorry i know you like her hahaha i got nothing against her i just dont’t like her lol


    • lol I’m also scared to say I dont like her here because I love this site and I know how much she likes Shin Hye. I thinks its because of ‘Heirs’ that drama just made me not like her, I used to love her in YAB and specially in FBND.
      And I love Yonghwa in WGM that is probably why I like Seohyun but I dont ship them or anything. Please dont hate me.


      • LOL!!! this blog is open to disagreeing comments. what I can’t tolerate are those that are overly defensive or make unnecessary accusations as if they know me personally.

        I also didn’t like PSH in HEIRS and I couldn’t, for the life of me, understand why that drama is so popular. I should watch FBND…


  6. I actually watched YAB because of Park Shinhye! LOL! She was the only one I knew when I watched that drama years ago. I watched her on Tree of Heaven, alongside Kim Lee Wan. That was around the time when Korean dramas were mostly about sad stories where the lead characters died =/ But I liked her acting. Then, I found out that she was going to be in Goong S, but I love the original Goong too much I did not bother to watch Goong S.

    So far, I have not seen PSH to take on more acting challenge on dramas. Perhaps because the Korean dramas itself that do not provide various kind of stories? I know she is a great actress. I wish she were born in Japan, so she could do more unique characters. I really hope she can be successful in the future just like Jeon Ji Hyeon! 🙂


    • I’ve only watched PSH fully in HEARTSTRINGS though I’ve read good reviews on FLOWER BOY NEXT DOOR. I really hope she can have a breakthrough role just like Jun Jihyun’s MY SASSY GIRL but I guess she’s less inclined for those type of roles? yeah if she were in Japan, even with her image, her choice will be more varied. Look at Gakky or Maki or Ueto Aya, who I think has a similar image to PSH.


  7. psh is very nice and lovely …she has come long way and your beautiful is very nice….wn they did dis drama all were cute and fresh…nw dey have realy grown well…she has become queen of hallayu …and the new drama pinocchio is vry nice anyways all d best to a.n.jell team..


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