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Sometimes it pays to watch shows like MUSIC STATION because it can be educational in the sense you get to widen your music appreciation by watching other artists perform. Artists that you won’t spare a moment to listen to simply because, well, you don’t know their music, or you just have your staple playlist of your favorite artists that’s on loop.

Sometimes it’s not the first time I’ve heard heard the song but then I’d go, ah, so they’re the ones who sang this. Sometimes, I can’t even remember where I first heard the song. Like in the case of Mongol800’s Chiisana koi no Uta.



I know I’ve heard the song before I watched a clip of the band performing on MUSIC STATION, but I just couldn’t remember where. Someone on Twitter kindly pointed out that it was in the OST of Yamapi’s PROPOSAL DAISAKUSEN; his drama character supposedly loved the song. I’ve watched the drama a long time ago and I couldn’t even remember the song but it’s been on loop since I re-discovered it on MSta.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who listens to a song I like over and over again until I get tired of it. (I feel sorry for the artists though because it’s like they’re singing the song over and over and over again and they can’t be tired until I get tired of the song myself.)

Same thing happened when I first heard Funky Monkey Babys’ Ato Hitotsu. I listened to it for days on end.



It’s sadder now to listen to the song since the band broke up because DJ Chemical had to put his religion as a priority (he became the chief priest at his temple). One has to admire the trio for deciding to altogether disband than continue with just two or a new member but it’s still heartbreaking to watch their old performances, and I wasn’t even a fan.

Sekai no Owari’s Starlight Parade is another song that I put on loop when I need a break from my staple of Arashi and CNBLUE songs (sorry, I’m a creature of habit).



The band is famous for their RPG/anime theme songs and their performances are always fun to watch (but not because of that member who wears the clown mask, which is kind of scary for me as it reminds me of a Guy Fawkes mask).

Even a four-hour program like Kouhaku can be an educational exercise because it exposes the viewer to a wide range of music including traditional, as well as a variety of artists. And most of the time, I have to credit Arashi and CNBLUE for making me sit through other artists’ performances. While I don’t necessarily end up being a fan of any of them, at least I have slightly lessened my ignorance about other music.

Now excuse me while I listen to this little love song again.

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11 thoughts on “[music] earfun, kiitekudasai

  1. Ahh.. Funky Monkey Babys.. There is always this itch everytime I need to type “babys” you know XD I’m not their fan, but I enjoy some of their songs. I did not know they disbanded =O

    Anyway, I also experienced the same thing when Music Station and other music programs introduced me to so many artists and music genre. I have not watched it for ages though. I only watch the super live and Kouhaku now. I decided to stop watching many music programs (including shounen club), because I thought I need more time to do other things. LOL.

    For me, it’s MSta, Kouhaku, video games, and most importantly, anime, that introduced me to so many Japanese musicians. Well, I got to know JE because of Inuyasha! xD V6’s Change the World is still great to hear even now! And, thanks to Final Fantasy, I can now tell people that I love Angela Aki the most for Japanese solo female singer. Few years ago I could not decide between Ayumi Hamasaki and Utada Hikaru. But FF’s Kiss Me Goodbye made me start to follow Angela Aki, and got really hooked by Every Woman’s Song (and so many other songs of hers, but that one is my favorite).

    Knowing those various Japanese artists make me glad that Japanese music industry is actually very rich in terms of talents. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I keep listening to Japanese songs. It’s like a one stop shopping for me. lol.


    • I know what you mean about Funky Monkey Babies, er, Baby’s, er… Babys! lol it’s sad they disbanded. I was just watching the 2010 Kouhaku and they were there. even if I wasn’t their fan in the real sense, it was always great to see them perform.

      I only watch MUSIC STATION or any music shows when Arashi is performing. and I subscribed to NHK Premium because of Kouhaku lol watching Kouhaku is really an education in Japanese music!

      I haven’t listened to Angela Aki in a long time. was it last year’s Kouhaku she was there and pregnant?

      indeed, the Japanese music industry is such a fertile ground. it’s not just idol groups but such a wide range of music and artists! I guess that’s also one reason why, even if I focus mostly on Arashi, I am able to enjoy Japanese music too because it offers so much more.

      thanks for the comment!


  2. i really understand that feel about FMB, i love many songs of theirs but i’m not even a fan. I dont even know their members’s name. It surely was sad when i knew they disbanded.

    btw, you ever needed a break from Arashi? Thank God, i’m not the only one. And i think i just found ‘my own CNBLUE’, you know, artist that can make you feel like new fan all over again, and just like yours, mine is from Korea too, but i think it’s worse cause it’s a very mainstream kpop male idol group nowadays. I feel like i’ve betrayed Arashi, dont you think?


    • hmm I’ve never really taken a break from Arashi though there were times when life got so busy I wasn’t really updated. I guess this was around Beautiful World but it was not because I wanted or needed a break from them. on the one hand, it’s normal to want to take a break. maybe it will make you appreciate them more or who knows, you’d move on totally. that’s how life is in general and fangirling is never exempt from growth.

      with CNBLUE, I never felt I’ve betrayed Arashi lol and no one should begrudge anyone from fangirling other artists. it’s one’s prerogative. my Arashi friends have been generally amused when I started fangirling CNBLUE but they’ve been nothing but supportive. some on Twitter even ask about the band and I’m just too happy to tell them about them. in the same way that new friends I’ve met in the CNBLUE fandom get curious about Arashi (I guess I spam a lot) and sometimes ask (maybe out of politeness lol) and I’m also just as happy to tell them about these bakas. I see it as a way of telling others about the artists I like so it’s nothing like betrayal. there’s a lot of room to support many artists as you want.

      let me guess, is it EXO? hahahaha


  3. so…do you agree that it’s worse? I do though, LOL. One of EXO’s member told that he wants EXO to become like Arashi in 10 years later, so it’s still the 5bakas who influenced me to peek into another group :D.

    You know my jaw dropped when i read “or who knows, you’d move on totally”. I never know that i will ever be distracted from Arashi, i mean i’m (or was) the type of fan who will spend hours per day for all these years to watch Arashi or even listen to their songs. But now, i even barely listen to their songs, i havent seen Zero G making PV yet, even though making PV is my most favorite Arashi video. It makes sad, seriously.

    I dont want to make it sounds so dramatic or something, but i really wanna go back to the old me. I guess i will read all your posts that have Arashi tag.


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