[Arashi] 15 things we learned from Arashi

[5×15 tribute series]

Celebrities are usually referred to as role models though not all of them deserve to be.

But I’d like to think that we do learn from the people we idolize and I hope it’s mostly good and not bad habits.

In celebration of Arashi’s 15th year, I did some kind of crowd sourcing on Twitter on the things that we have learned from Arashi. I was pleasantly surprised at the response I got and touched by the answers. I have to note that many of the answers that came in were along the same vein, which only goes to show that we have all been attending the same class being taught by our Arashi senseis.

Thank you to everyone who helped me compile this list, your individual contributions are duly quoted below.




1. Idols are not gods

Idols need not be perfect. They’re human and they have human foibles as well, just like you and me.

They also need not go for plastic surgery just to be appealing to fans. It’s okay to have acne scars or snaggle tooth.

It’s okay to look like idiots as long as you’re earning millions and billions.@VyLeTtE070111

2. Get along with others

Even people with extremely different personalities need not be in conflict and can in fact get along and build a strong team.@ailamarie

Five different persons, five different personalities, five different interests but it’s possible to get along very well.@VyLeTtE070111

3. Be a good son (or daughter)

There are lots of stories that they occasionally share on how they are especially with their parents. (Example: Sho takes his parents to watch Sir Paul McCartney. Jun takes his mother to the chiropractor.) Despite their busy schedules, they make time for family.

Make time to bond with loved ones.@zahirah_riida

4. Discretion

They may look like they always have fun and troll each other on their variety shows but they know when to take things seriously. (Example: The charity reception line at 24HRTV where there were even rumors of Sho refusing to shake hands with fans who came to donate and was criticized for this.)

To smile, to laugh in appropriate time, situation and place.@yuui1010

5. Be a good employee

Respect authority, follow the boss and give your all to every work that is given to you. (So many examples for this one including projects that did not fit them and yet they still accepted wholeheartedly.) – @ailamarie

6. Have a positive outlook

It’s okay to cry and be weak at times but always remember that you have the future ahead of you so you should always move forward.@neji_sorariku

From 嵐, I learned to laugh at my mistakes rather than be pulled down by it. That there are always things to look forward to.@MekMek

It’s okay to just be who you are
It’s best to not say anything
You can start again from there, right?
This is what suits you best –
Fight Song/Arashi

I learned how to be happy. There’s a rainbow always after the rain.@jhingnigami

Always smile because positive things will surely come.@zahirah_riida

Fight Song and 5×10 made big impact on me. Taught me about positivity, gratitude, respect and “Ganbare”.@ShayMujan

7. Have a good attitude towards work

Patience and perseverance. Everything that they have right now, they worked hard for with blood, sweat and tears. They did not take any shortcuts and went through every ups and downs.@jhingnigami

Work hard to achieve your goals.@zahirah_riida

Always give your best performance because you don’t know if it’s the last or the chance will never come again. (Case in point, the first time they performed in Kokuritsu in 2008, they treated it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience; who knew, they’d turn the National Stadium into their home stage for six years.) – @jhingnigami

Work hard, play hard!@ShayMujan

8. Teamwork

No need for professional jealousy. Everyone will have a chance to shine. One’s success is everyone else’s.

They’re like a well-oiled machine, they know their place and are loyal to the group and protect it. (Example: Rumors of Aiba in danger of being kicked out because of his scandal but the other four opposed it.) – @VyLeTtE070111

The team leader is there for a reason, and not to make decisions for the group unilaterally but to get a consensus and let the members explore their own interests. (Stories have it that Ohno only comes in to make decisions when they can’t agree on anything or there is a deadlock.) – @VyLeTtE070111

If all else fails, there’s alwayus janken. (Thank you @MekMek)

9. Strength and weakness

It’s okay to have weak points as there will be areas you’d be good at. No one’s perfect. (Example: Sho can’t draw to save his life but he’s smart; Jun ain’t the best singer of the lot but he can produce a concert you won’t forget.) – @VyLeTtE070111

10. Humility

Despite their stature, they remain humble. (Accounts from industry insiders say how Arashi is a friendly group and easy to deal with.; Another example is when Aiba was late once and Nino went down on his knees to apologize to the staff.) – @VyLeTtE070111

11. Be careful with your money

One word, or rather, name: Nino.

It does not mean that just because you earn money, you’re going to spend it all.

This is not just their personal philosophy (except for Jun who spends his money on fashionable clothes), but they apply it with the fans as well. They have had long discussions with their production staff to lower the price of their DVDs, in particular, because they don’t want the fans to earn money just so they can buy their merchandise. Nino even advised fans to spend their money on more important things.

12. Be practical

Arashi has no illusion of grandeur when it comes to idolhood. They rather have a practical outlook at things in general. They know that one day, everything will come to pass and their time in the spotlight will be over. Nino has been very vocal about discussing retirement, for one.

They know that in just one snap of a finger, the feelings of fans may change.@VyLeTtE070111

13. Cherish friendships

Arashi members have very good relationships with other people in the industry (Tsumabuki Satoshi and Oguri Shun are among well-known Arashi bffs) but they also have maintained friends since their middle school/university days (in the case of Jun and Sho).

They haven’t forgotten their friends back when they were still not famous.@VyLeTtE070111

Friendship, respect each other and not compare yourself with someone else.@adnid

… Never stop having fun (i.e. being dorks) and tease while helping each other–this is when they teach you about friendship.@ShayMujan

People are people, and you are you
The moment you compare the two, you’ve lost
The strength to not lose to yourself
Will break down any wall –
Fight Song/Arashi

14. Be a good fan

It’s well known how Arashi can be strict ojisans when it comes to fan behavior. They hate being stalked or followed, they even frown at fans meeting them at airports or taking the same ride as them.

I personally learned that as a good fan, I don’t need to give them anything. As Nino said, celebrities have most everything, what else can I give them that their sponsors haven’t given them or they can’t afford to buy themselves? I personally frown on giving fan gifts, it’s a pointless exercise.

The best way to be a fan is to buy their albums, DVDs/BDs, watch their concerts, dramas or films. In short, patronize their projects because they do that for the fans. That’s the best gift we can give them, by supporting their endeavors and then letting them live their life away from the spotlight.

Arashi respect one another’s privacy and in turn, fans learn to respect that.@VyLeTtE070111

15. Simple joys

Not everything in life need to be complicated or full of drama, especially fangirling.

I learned to be appreciative even with little things.@jhingnigami

Thank you, Arashi, for teaching us how to live life, for showing us that it’s okay to make mistakes and learn from them, to brush ourselves off after every fall and move forward never looking back because the future is ahead and not behind us.

Most of all, thank you for being you, scars, faults, charm and all.

Congratulations on your 15th year and wishing for more years of Arashi goodness to come!!!

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10 thoughts on “[Arashi] 15 things we learned from Arashi

  1. Hye,

    Its awesome how you analysed it. Salute!!!!

    Since I can’t do it like you, all I can do is read and feel awesome when read your blog/post.

    Once I came across your post about Arashi that despite being together for so long, they still have some space to their relationship. The analogy is like relationship between colleagues. I think it yours post and I tried to search it but failed.

    p/s This night I will dig my hard disk to find the GnA where Nino called Matsujun as ‘King’.


    • oh I remember that… I think I wrote that a few years back. actually, it came from them, on how even if they’re together almost every day, they still give one another space. I’d like to think that’s why they are solid. they don’t have to poke their noses on one another’s lives just to say they are close but they all know that they’d be there for one another when the need arises. XD


  2. This fandom really makes me proud.^^ I’m sure there isn’t that many fandoms which can say that they actually ‘learn’ from their idols. Makes me think that Arashi and their fans are growing together. ^^

    Happy birthday btw, saw some people greeting you on twitter, hehe. Thanks always for the awesome posts and may your life be always filled with rainbows. XD


    • yes indeed, we are growing together with them!

      as Riida said on his radio program yesterday, perhaps the fans thought at the start that they were hopeless.

      but look at how they’ve grown up. they are people we can be proud of, who are not just idols but well-adjusted individuals with a good attitude towards life!


  3. I heard from a friend long time ago but it kinda stuck inside my head. that is after aiba scandal, she said that she read somewhere that sho was blowing a kiss to everyone who hold aiba’s uchiwa at concert. i dunno how far the truth is… i kinda like that kind of friendship. supporting a friend in need.


    • awww. there are all sorts of talk swirling about in the fandom, like that one time Aiba was late and Nino apologized on his knees to the staff, or when during that scandal, J&A threatened to kick Aiba out but the four opposed it. also, when that scandal about Nino and Masami came out and he made a vague address to the fans during their concert that he’s fine, fans said J was teary-eyed. they’ve always watched out for one another and nothing could be truer than what Sho said recently that they learned to lean and depend on each other in those 15 years, and without doing that, it wouldn’t have been possible for them to last this long.

      thanks for commenting!


  4. This entry, once again, reminds me why I love Arashi so much. These 15 points are so right on! Some of them I’m sure fans forget now and then. These are what makes Arashi seem so “real” to me. They emphasize what’s important to them as a group and as individuals, which makes fans like me realize the value and worth behind it.


    • they’re so down-to-earth and easy to relate to. I guess that’s their appeal. I guess the best thing to drive home that point is how people call to Aiba when he’s out lol: “Aiba! Aiba! Aiba!” without the honorifics. it’s in how real and simple they are that makes me appreciate and love them more.

      thanks for the comment and sharing your thoughts!


  5. I think those things made me love Arashi instantly. I can’t hold myself.. kyaaa. though I just can see arashi from my PC, I can feel how they love each other, how they value their bond. thanks for the awesome.


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