[blog] fangirling in the time of scandals

Of late, have you been reaching for the tub of popcorn or the box of tissue?

I guess it depends on whether you’re a pundit or a fangirl.




I’m talking about the scandals that have recently rocked the entertainment world from Taiwan to Korea and Japan. Edison Chen who? That’s so years ago. Kai Ko. Jaycee Chan. Kim Hyunjoong. Song Hyekyo. Lee Byung-hun. Oguri Shun. And I’m just talking about the last couple of weeks. We haven’t even taken into account the previous months. The year of the horse is turning out to be a busy time for gossip rags and pundits alike, and stressful for idols and fans like us.

And if there’s anyone who can understand how fans feel over these scandals, it would be fellow fans. They may not be our idols, celebrities we admire and hold in high esteem, but all we need to do is put ourselves in their fans’ shoes and we would know how it feels to be let down and disappointed.

I can only pray that I won’t wake up one morning to read my own idols involved in a scandal or other.

There are all sorts of scandals from the dating kind to drugs and public crimes like tax evasion. They get different degrees of reaction from the public and has varied implications for careers. But let’s take a look at the usual reaction from fans whenever confronted with scandals using the DABDA theory.


It’s a lie!!!

Oppa cannot do this, he can’t even kill a fly!

They’re not dating, they’re just friends.

That’s not the same place, look, the shade of the wall is lighter while this one is slightly lighter.

He will never do that. I know him.

It’s just the press trying to sell news. Shrugs.


Stop creating lies!!!

You’re the one who should be hit, not oppa!

She’s a slut!/He’s a user! (Depending on whose side you are on.)

You are seriously delusional. Go die.

Get a life!!!

Stop creating stories about my idol! Idiots!!!


It may be the truth but I am sure there is a good reason for it.

He may have hurt the person but something might have happened that we don’t know, we were not there.

Maybe they’re dating but I’m sure they will still end up breaking up.

He’s a good person and while things may look bad right now, he will overcome this. Good hearts prevail in the end.

What can we do, my idol is popular but tomorrow, the press will find someone else to write about.


I don’t know what the truth is anymore.

I believed in him. Ten years and just like that?

There are so many people in the world, why fall in love with her/him?

I don’t even want to look at his pictures.

I hate media play.


We can’t do anything about it, that’s life.

Next time, I know better than to worship an idol.

Even idols fall in love.

I wish him all the best but I won’t be there for him anymore.

Dispatch was right, daebak!

Of course the reactions above do not adequately cover the breadth of emotions that take over fandoms whenever they are confronted with scandals.

I do understand the “I-will-not-leave-you-no-matter-what” philosophy because isn’t that what fans are supposed to be, loyal till the end? Sure, give them the benefit of the doubt, let the authorities handle the cases but let us not be blinded by extreme idol worship. I draw the line on making excuses for our idols. We are not their lawyers. And we have to understand that they are responsible for their actions. They are role models that is why anything perceived as a wrongdoing makes it to the news because they are supposed to set an example to their public. Being an idol is a huge responsibility. If they can’t handle it, they have no business taking our attention, time and most of all, our hard-earned money!!!

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