[blog] a Jun with so many names is still Jun

It’s the 31st birthday of Arashi’s youngest. The reason why I became a fan of Arashi. He’s still my ichiban though it would seem Nino because I tweet about him most of the time. But heck, I love all these five dorks that maybe the only reason I say Jun is my ichiban is because I was Jun-baited.

Let’s take a look at the many facets of Jun from his drama and movie roles to the many nicknames mostly thanks to Nino. Which do you like most?

1. Matsujun – the Japanese love coming up with nicknames that combine family and first names. Thus we have Matsuken (Matsumaya Kenichi), KimuTaku (Kimura Takuya) etc. Most everyone in the industry calls him Matsujun. He was first designated as the comedian of the group when they started and with his buck teeth, I can just imagine. But over the years, Matsujun’s personality has changed from being an earnest, cute little boy to a cold one to the warm, well-adjusted man he is today, oftentimes depending on the role he is playing at the moment.

2. Kindaichi – his first lead role in a drama as the young detective opposite then one of Japan’s most promising young actress Anne Suzuki.


Jun Kindaichi


3. Sawada Shin – the young rebellious student in GOKUSEN 1. Who can forget the way Shin would glare or say, “Yankumiiii!!!” This role was also the beginning of his rebellious phase in Arashi when he started to shed his dorky, youngest image and became cold and aloof. Growing up pains I guess.


Jun Sawada


4. Bon – well, he returned to his dorky self in PIKANCHI (that has made a comeback 10 years later this month in Japanese cinemas too). Bon with his distinctive white pants and green jacket or vest (in the 2014 edition, the hot pink suit) and the chef trainee uniform.


Jun Bon


5. Momo – after watching KIMI WA PETTO, everyone wanted to have a pet like Momo.  By now we realize that when it comes to his movie roles, it’s also about the hair. That curly mop, thank god, sort of suited him. Well he was young, I wouldn’t forgive him now if he opts for this hairstyle again.


Jun Momo


6. Koji – I watched TOKYO TOWER in my first year as an Arashi fan and boy, was I shocked. The theme was mature looking at young men in their 20s falling in love with married women. Well Okada was also good to look at so the shock was kind of mitigated but I guess my shock came from a culture that boxed idols to the squeaky clean, goody-two shoes mold. Looking back now, isn’t it cool that a JE idol like Matsujun went for a role like this when he was only 22?


Jun Koji


7. Domyouji – Jun’s most iconic role that even until now, people still identify it with him. This was also the vehicle that revved up Arashi to public consciousness beyond Japan’s shores and yes, like many others, baited me into this rainbow-colored fandom. The dorkiness of Tsukasa as well as his DoS character became so identified with MJ even in his real persona. I guess there is a Domyouji in the way he acts so tough but actually has a heart as soft as a dango inside.


Jun Domyouji


8. Yori Yuki – coming on the heels of Domyouji, a boy in love with his twin sister came as another shocker but then, by now we know that Jun has an eclectic taste in his roles. Yuki’s conflicted character was a stark contrast to Domyouji whose only conflict was his Japanese puns and the social class that separated him from the woman he loved. It was uncomfortable seeing Jun acting in a taboo subject but that was the whole point of BOKU WA IMOUTO NI KOI WO SURU.


Credit: alualuna.wordpress.com

Credit: alualuna.wordpress.com


9. Ban Shogo –  we all know him as… BAMBINO!!! One of my favorite Jun roles because he showed a wide range of emotions from frustration to determination to ambition. And it was refreshing to see him being bullied onscreen rather than the other way around. Payback for Tsukasa.


Jun Bambino


10. Yuji – in the third movie (counting PIKANCHI as two pre-2014) of Arashi, KIIROI NAMIDA, Jun’s Yuji was more like an interloper. I suppose Jun was busy with other projects this time so his appearance in the movie was more like a cameo I don’t even remember what he did.


Jun Yuji


11. Takezo – a very unrecognizable Jun in THE LAST PRINCESS as a dirty laborer who looked like Tarzan. But I loved him in this role too and I loved his onscreen bromance with Miyagawa Daisuke.


Jun Takezo


12. Hayakawa Bito – another of my favorite Jun role. Don’t let the title SMILE fool you, Bito was painful to watch I was crying the most part I watched this drama. But just as his every role seeps into the real Jun, Bito gave back Jun his gentle and warm edges.


Jun Bito


13. Kusunoki Taiga – the role imo that very closely approximates the real Matsumoto Jun (not that I know him personally). It didn’t look like he was acting as Taiga, the second generation actor who wants to get away from his father’s shadow yet loves him very dearly, is earnest in everything he does but doesn’t fail to end up bungling things because he just so badly wants to succeed and despite being put down, he keeps on going. Oh Taiga, I just wanted him to get the break and get the girl.


Jun taiga


14. Nozomu Goto – in Arashi’s 10th anniversary drama SP (the first)  about a group that planned a revenge for their dead friend, he played a “delivery boy” who was cocky and with a temper. Reminds me of the Jun from variety shows ago.


Jun Goto


15. Tokita Shuntaro – LUCKY SEVEN is my favorite Jun drama bar none. Part of it is because of his onscreen chemistry and bromance with Eita. Shuntaro was also quite a goofy character.


Jun Shuntaro


16. Okuda Kosuke – Jun in magical romance sepia plus a cat, what more can you ask for? I can still hear Watarai Mao (Ueno Juri) say: Arigato, Kosuke!”


Jun Kosuke



17. Sota – the forever heartbroken chocolatier who was often caught up in his fantasies as much as his chocolates.


Arashi Sota


18. Emperor – one of the first nicknames that the group, particularly Nino, gave him during the C x D x G NO ARASHI era.

19. Junnosuke – trivia: he mentioned once (on SHUKUDAIKUN) that he wanted to be named Junnosuke.

20. Jun-pon – this has got to be one of my favorite nicknames that Nino gave him.

21. J – simple but you got to hear it from Nino when he says J. Even non-Arashi colleagues have noticed this term of endearment that one thought it was cool for Arashi to call one another by initials (they don’t).

22. MJ – quite coincidentally, Jun is a huge fan of one other MJ, Michael Jackson. 

23. DJ MJ – or as Sho said, “MY DJ MJ!!!” he usually makes an appearance during concerts.



credit: Arashi Daisuki


24. Mr J

25. Don Matsumoto J – sometimes I think Nino is just having too much fun playing around with his Jun-pon.

26. Atsujun – see what I mean? Literally, “hot Jun” that spontaneously came up during an episode of SHIYAGARE when Jun was slicing steak and he said “it’s hot!”

27. Yakijun – for yakiniku Jun. Guess who gave this name too?

28. Macchan – the way Sho used to call him in their junior/early Arashi years. The nickname still surfaces but very rarely now.

29. Matsumo – Sho called him this in a VS ARASHI episode and giggled that it was the first time he was calling Jun that.

30. Matsumoto-san – whenever I hear him being addressed like this especially by older colleagues, it reminds me that he is no longer Matsumoto-kun. The boy has grown up and has earned his place in the world.

31. Jun-kun – for most of us, he will always be the youngest in Arashi even if he’s already 31.

Jun is so much more than these roles or nicknames too. He’s Arashi’s resident DoS and production banchou. He is diva, Mr Cool Guy, the one you’d like to eat yakiniku with (especially because he takes care of the food and would even slice the meat for you). He is different things to different people. But for me, he was the one who introduced me to this rainbow world and I am forever grateful.

Junpon, お誕生日おめでとうございます. Happy birthday!!! As much as you have given your best in your chosen profession, I can only wish you the best in life too. To borrow Riida’s patented birthday greetings: “Okasan, thank you for always giving birth to Matsujun.” And to borrow from Sho…

M J H! B! D! M J H! B! D!

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30 thoughts on “[blog] a Jun with so many names is still Jun

  1. i still cant believe they are all in their 30s now..it feels like yesterday when gokusen happened 🙂 i am forever thankful for matsujun because he introduced me to the wonderful world of arashi..

    And ohhhh~sad that my fave nickname of his wasnt included.. DoS banchou from g no arashi era too 😦 but anyways i enjoyed reading your blog, as always 🙂

    Happy 31st bday matsujun! 🙂


    • oh yes DoS banchou!!!
      and I should have looked for that photo of J wearing the stocking and holding a wine glass LOL

      yes, unbelievable isn’t it? I did a meme today on fave groups and one of the questions was how many years have you been a fan? I was HYD-baited so it’s nine years now. quite long if you think about it but it only seemed like yesterday.

      thanks for dropping by and commenting!


  2. Belated happy 31st bday to the forever youngest but most serious son in the Arashi family!

    I liked MatsuJun (the actor) since 2006 but was not jun-baited into Arashi until 8 years later. As a matter of fact just several days ago 🙂

    It happened that I felt nostalgic and decided to re-watch for the nth time HYD. Got curious on what he’s doing now. Googled him and then Arashi, watched some old video clips of their shows, concerts and music station performances. My gosh their concerts are just truly EPIC! Like you, that’s now one of my wish list…to attend one of their concerts. Which I learned from you and other bloggers, is like praying for a miracle 😦

    So as you can see, now I can’t get enough of them. Thankfully there are still some remaining subbed shows for me to enjoy. I hope they’ll have a show similar to 1n2d season 1 in Korea, if you’re familiar with that show. I would love to see more dorkines and bromance among these crazy but passionate guys.

    On another note, let me sincerely thank you for keeping up with your blog and sharing your Arashi love for the past several years. I truly enjoy reading your opinion/wiritng and I’m currently back-tracking all your previous entries. So in a matter of a few days: I renewed my love for MatsuJun, became a fan of both Arashi and your blog 🙂

    Once again, maraming salamat.


    • wow, you just got into Arashi just a few days ago? welcome to the rainbow-colored world!!!

      I watch 2D1N and I love it too and been thinking it would be cool for Arashi to do a show with similar concept or maybe even just an SP for VS ARASHI. but I don’t think they like being pitted to one another lol

      thanks for reading and visiting my blog!



  3. I randomly came across your blog through google and imagine how happy I am! I love reading long-winded posts about Arashi, especially when if it involves thoughts and opinions interspersed with facts. Unfortunately, the place I usually frequent (LJ) doesn’t have a lot of fans who are willing to post anything beyond pic/gif spams. I’ll probably be spending the rest of my day going through your older entries. It’s a happy prospect. 😀

    Matsumoto is such a dearie. I confess, I knew about Arashi through Hanadan, but Matsujun isn’t my type nor are his tastes and mines similar so I wasn’t interested in him. Despite him being my least favorite member a few years ago and me literally not caring about him, I’ve become so fond of him as I fell deeper and deeper into Arashi. Arashi’s leader Ohno with his carefree attitude may create the atmosphere, Aiba may bring the sunshine and positiveness, Sho may be the one who brings them together, and the ever awesome Nino may be the well-grounded one to make sure Arashi doesn’t fly too high, but I honestly believe Jun gives the heart to this beloved group. Even if he doesn’t cry during concerts like Aiba, his passion and energy and love of Arashi shines through.

    Thanks for this awesome blog and entry!


    • Thank you for your comment, it made the start of September brighter! XD

      yeah sometimes I feel I put up this blog to write about Arashi hahaha and it’s nice to know that there are those who like reading about them more than enjoying gifs and pic spams.

      I love how you put the role of the members in the group especially Nino’s. I do agree, of the five, Nino is the most practical he has even started talking about retiring while they’re still ahead. I love his interviews because he’s either blunt or he trolls especially when the questions obviously bore him.

      But their different personalities may be the secret to why Arashi is what they are. they have managed to overcome the differences and use those as a strength rather than weakness unlike other groups that end up fighting because they can’t get along.

      Ahhh I can talk the whole day about Arashi lol

      thanks for reading!


  4. This is such a lovely birthday tribute! Ahh… it feels so good to be able to relive all those drama roles our dear Jun has done. Quite a diverse actor, when you look at him, really!


    • I just realized I forgot to include Wataru from HAJIMARI NO UTA! it’s one of my fave roles of his too, simple and down-to-earth real.

      thanks for dropping by even though I know RL is getting in the way of fangirling! XD


  5. Its awesome and awesome. For me who is not good with words and how to convey them.
    I watched all of his works accept Pikanchi 2.5 and Hidamari Kanojo. Especially, I watched that according the year it was produced, and I got what you means. It feels like we grew old with them.
    During HanaDan, from my opinion was the tough period for him, when he have recording shoot, variety, and so on, when their popularity became phenomenal until now, with that, his attitude and view change. He who was in-charge to be a comedy leader… And now, he is one of the five men that teach me to think from different views and appreciates the values…

    Its just purely awesome, genuinely awesome.


  6. Dear ojpy,
    Haha, I’m not so sure, because I really kept my identity as observer in the fandom. And I think this is the first time I encounter you as ojpy.
    Btw, if this is our first time, then, nice to meet you.


  7. Oh, God, wait, you just change your name. When I posted my comment then yours also change. Owh, I’m sorry.
    Btw, I’m not so sure because sometimes I reply as anonymous. I’m sorry.


      • Seriously? Do you already know who am I?
        Wow, because I rarely comment here in your blog. When I re-tracking just now, the last time I comment here was last june, I think. And before that I comment as anonymous.
        May I know what do you mean ‘somewhere we know’? I will be glad if actually we actually knew each other outside your blog. Do you have my email rite?


  8. During CDGArashi, I dont think Nino alr named Emperor for him. Most likely DoSBanchou, or MinorSport Banchou,
    But, please correct me, if I’m wrong.
    Emperor was the last of the royal name Nino gave him, and it was….around the last Himitsu no Arashi-chan Mannequin SP time, so around 2010-2011 (?). You can hear Nino said it to the store employer, ‘Uchi no Emperor’
    King, was before Emperor, I forgot where, but I also heard Nino called him this in one of their shows. King was short-lived XDD
    Ouji. I also heard this from Shukudai, I guess…… a guest was retelling her story and she said Nino said ‘Ah, Uchi no Ouji?’. This was during 1st Hanadan, so 2005.

    I kinda perplexed and amuse with these royal naming XDD
    I guess, he kinda ran out of royalty nickname LOL


  9. It’s been a long time since I’ve dropped by… I’ve got to do a lot of back reading! Haha! I’ve been Jun-baited, too. I love him in Gokusen, but fell in love with him more in HYD. J’s got a lot of nicknames, but the best ones are from Nino! Haha! I also love it when Sho calls him Macchan! i think that it’s just so cute.
    Of all the boys, I think that Jun’s the chameleon. He can fit in any role that he plays, and for me that’s just awesome.


  10. woowww! I think Im gonna stalk this blog now. hahaha..
    I love it… keep posting more about my Jun-kun and Arashi because I love them so much. MatsuJun is my ichiban… I was Jun-baited from HanaDan.


  11. Hye,

    As I promised.

    The nickname for him when he wore that stocking and put on a robe and had a wine glass in his hand?

    It was on GnA ep 30. Actually, during the Aiba Sugoroku in this episode, he landed on ‘box’ where he have to sit on boss’ chair, wearing a robe, having cigar and holding a glass on brandy. Like mafia leader. It was Aiba who called him ‘King’ based on the conversation in this episode, but maybe Nino called him way before that. His also was called as Hot Guy Matsujun. Nino was absent during this episode because he was filming Letter From Iwojima.


    • oh thank you!!!! so it was “King” and not “emperor”. ah, Jun and his many nicknames.

      I even forgot to include Chocojun here. and I just read a translated conversation among the five of them about SHITSUREN. funny as usual lol


  12. As always your write up initiates a discussion on Matsumoto Jun and inevitably Arashi. I am a fan of your blog…Havin come to the party late I’ve got a lotta catchin up to do. Where was I all these years? ‘Hooked on American TV, sorry to say…’Love that you love Matsujun. I think he’s the most misunderstood member, if not the most envied, judging from the bashers out there– which makes him, atlst to me, all the more endearing. My fave nickname for Jun is “J”. It’s short, simple, unpretentious, and sweet (more so coming from fanboy Nino)…It would be hard for me to pick my fave MJ drama coz each one is special in its own way. I hv to say tho’ that I enjoyed “Lucky Seven” the most…HYD was heartbreaking but for some reason, I love J’s pained expressions. Forgive me for the long post.
    Do keep writing about the boys and J. Keep the faith alive!


    • hey, I love reading long comments! sometimes I just forget answering them coz when I read them, I was probably doing something else and long comments deserve long answers? hahahaha

      thankfully, I haven’t encountered much antis and bashers of Jun. maybe I’m happily tuck in my corner of the world I don’t encounter them lol

      and yes, I love J too. But I do have a fondness for Junpon especially because it was hilarious when Nino told that story about being in the konbini when it happened. ahh my Matsumiya kokoro.

      thanks for commenting and taking time to read my posts!


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