#fangirlproblems #7



Forget useless online polls. Forget technology. Forget even money. Forget crazy fans (#fangirlproblems #6). Those are not really the top fangirl problems, especially if you are a JE/Arashi fan. Because if you are, your numero uno problemo is Johnny Kitagawa.

Fine, it’s unfair to put all the blame on a frail old man who probably sits on his throne like a king watching his minions go about ensuring the kingdom is protected and that his subjects are following him blindly. Let’s say it’s Johnny & Associates, thereafter called the jimusho, that’s the number one headache for fangirls.

The jimusho is so conservative that it appears not interested in squeezing money out of fangirls who are strangely eager to part with their okane. Maybe the jimusho is too rich already they don’t care about the real market economy. They just care about their freakin’ rules and for what and why they are there in the first place, no one knows nor understands. I cannot brain.

We already have to deal with the rule that only FC members can ballot for concert tickets. But must you also ballot the buying of goods? The hell, jimusho. Not everyone can watch Arashi concerts and while you did open the goods balloting to non-FC members, must you limit the chances of buying them at the same time and tell fans: “Please do not purchase for the purpose of reselling or giving to others.” Thank you for your concern, hontou ni, but… you’re even against GIVING?!

While the effort is commendable in light of those people who take advantage of the demand and resell the goods at exorbitant prices, it’s too paranoid a response. If that’s the case, then plug the loopholes for these unscrupulous people to make money at your expense and open the sale to people online instead, after all this is the age of Internet shopping isn’t it.

Meanwhile, for those who are asking on where to buy the goods, try out these sites:

JapanJE – My friends have tried this service and find it reliable

Arashi Daisuki – I used to buy from her for my concert goods needs too but so far, she has not opened pre-order for Arashi Blast in Hawaii so I went for the first option

Seriously, jimusho, other agencies would love to be in your place. But you’re missing the big picture because you are too busy being archaic. It’s time to chill and lighten up, make more okane, yeah? It’s about time you think global.

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3 thoughts on “#fangirlproblems #7

  1. One of the weirdest things I did in Tokyo on my first visit was to go to the official “store” for the jimusho talento – and I use the term “store” very loosely! It was so controlled from entry to exit (timed entries) and the “merchandise” was limited to reproduced snapshot sized images of the various groups – of a quality similar to printing something off your own inkjet printer on glossy photo paper – and a few random items (I picked up a Takuya Kimura fan). No music, no t-shirts, no cool fan stuff. Oh, the lost opportunities for revenue!

    I am fully convinced that it is a money laundering front for the Yakuza (and there is some evidence for this) and making money is actually not of interest. Money has to go in but if too much comes out then difficult questions might be asked. I feel bad for the fans and for the talent to be trapped in such a bizarre, almost Dickensian universe.


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