[blog] NOOOO!!! DAME! DAME! DAME!!!

When news of the Korean remake of NODAME CANTABILE first came out, I was ambivalent towards it. Time has shown that we can never really stop our beloved dramas and films from being remade and we can only hope that the remakes would do justice to the original.

There has been a lot of noise on the NODAME remake though because it is one of the most beloved Japanese dramas, and perhaps one of the few to have that rare level of acceptance from the manga and anime fans. And considering how successful the franchise was it even gave way to two films, then it was just a matter of time that some itchy production hands would dip their fatty and greasy fingers in it.

And lo and behold, Korea, in particular, KBS did.

What could even be worse than a remake is the casting, especially on the Nodame role.




After names like Shim Eunkyung and IU being thrown around, the worst fear of the drama’s fans have come true. An idol has been cast. I remember being vehement in my opposition the first time IU’s name came up but suddenly, IU doesn’t seem to be a bad choice anymore. At least she’s a songwriter and has musical chops. Though Shim Eunkyung would have been perfect for the role.

See, Nodame is not just a character that’s cute, chirpy and undaunted by the scary Chiaki-senpai. It’s a complicated role that needs to be charming and at the same time vulnerable, spirited and weird. Ueno Juri and Tamaki Hiroshi were perfect as Nodame and Chiaki-senpai. As Jan said, the Korean remake should at least be at par with the original. Juri-chan is one of Japan’s best young actresses. I’m not saying that KBS should cast someone who has won acting awards but being an idol with a wide fan base is not enough reason to take such a coveted role. And certainly, being part of a successful drama does not automatically qualify anyone to a high-profile project. And it’s such a disservice to all those actors out there who can’t get roles just because they don’t have the backing of such a powerful entertainment company. What has meritocracy come to? Oh, it’s gone to Sueman’s pockets.

KBS, why did you have to ruin the beloved Nodame Cantabile? GYABO!!!




[EDIT] My favorite reactions from Netizenbuzz (thanks Jan and @mayadamayantti84 for the link):

[+13,033, -154] Sorry but it’s already hopeless for Korea

[+1,026, -8] Just don’t do the drama at all, best choice there is ㅡㅡ

[+90, -5] How many dramas are they going to give Yoona only to have her fail… She seriously can’t act ㅡㅡ

P.S. I guess it was wise of IU to turn down the role but perhaps if she accepted, the negative reaction won’t be as bad. Please, certainly Korea has enough capable actresses for the role in order to avoid taking the idol route?

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9 thoughts on “[blog] NOOOO!!! DAME! DAME! DAME!!!

  1. All the blogs I follow are pretty much in a frenzy about this but the scariest is that it sounds like it’s a lock i.e. a done deal with the casting noooooo howww noooo 😦 😦 😦 I’m so upset if this casting is true omg ugh just as I was coming around to Joo Won as Chiaki 😦


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