[blog] notes on sailing the treacherous waters of shipping

There are many facets to being a fan and one of them is being a shipper. Not all fans are shippers though. But being a shipper is one of the most fun or most stressful part of a fandom, depending on how you look at it.

When it comes to shipping, I thought I’ve seen it all but I was wrong. Here are some things I have learned and I’m still learning while shipping.

1. All shippers are delusional… until proven true. Let’s face it, no one knows the truth except for the people involved. And unless or until they come out publicly, delusions stay as delusions. Believe in what you want to believe but never pass them off as facts, unless of course they are.

2. There will be all sorts of rumors going around from all sorts of sources. Some may be true, some may be the product of over-active imagination. Some are just plain crazy and geared at sinking your own ship. Learn how to filter.

3. There are shippers who play dirty just to steer their ship and make it sail. Dirty tricks range from twisting facts, including quotes to suit their agenda; photoshop; rude or irrational behavior in public; to outrightly bullying those they perceive as threats to their ship.

4. There will be fan wars. Choose your battles or… master the art of trolling.

5. Ship and let ship. But remember, it is not you who’s the captain of your ship. It’s the people involved. It’s their lives, feelings and decisions we are talking about. Do not force things and learn to accept if your ship does not sail.

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