#fangirlproblems #5



So ok, continuing from #fangirlproblems #4, you now have a ticket to the concert. Whether you got it by winning the lottery (it does feel like winning the lottery), through official sellers or by auction, this is not yet your happy ending.

Of course, you need to get yourself to the concert venue deshou. Lucky you if it’s right where you live but what about if it entails traveling? There’s the airfare, hotel and other incidental expenses to think about.

Some travel across the world just to watch a concert. YOLO as they say. Something has to be said about how fangirling has given a lot of us an excuse to travel and see another country and be interested in a different culture. It does bridge cultural divide and language barriers.

So anyway, yes. You got the concert tickets. Congratulations.

Now, air travel and hotel sites are your best friends.

That won’t be a problem in the case of ARASHI BLAST IN HAWAII, for example, which is already a travel package with a concert to boot. Arashi wants to perform in Hawaii? No problem! The Hawaii tourism board is ready to offer hotels and JAL is more than happy to charter flights for their prime endorsers. Of course it comes with a price and it’s not exactly cheap but hey, you’ll be just one of the 15,000 audience in the two-day concert to celebrate the group’s 15th anniversary!

For the rest of the time, we’re on our own to get from Point A to B and find a place to stay. But wait, if you’re a student, does the date fall on a school day? If you’re working, have you taken the necessary leave? If you need a visa, have you gotten it? So many considerations when you come to think of it.

But it’s all worth it once you meet fellow fans, commune with them and worship watch your idols perform live.

Until… others ruin the fun for you by bringing non-related neon boards and banners, and block your view–or worse, hit you with an ugly toy–because they are too busy trying to get the attention of the performers and act like they’re the only ones who paid their way to watch the show.

Unfortunately, it comes with the territory. Fandoms are after all filled with all kinds of crazy people. And that’s #fangirlproblems #6.

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