[music] Will Pan & Rainie Yang’s Snore

There’s something very charming about Taiwanese drama theme songs and “Snore”, a duet between Wilber Pan and Rainie Yang, is no exception. It’s the theme for TIE THE KNOT with Cheryl Yang and Kingone (though charming the song may be, it won’t make me watch the drama).

The introduction of the song reminds me of CNBLUE’s “Love Girl” while the bridge sounds like “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”. It’s a song you’d think you have heard before or maybe I just listen to pop music a lot.

The MV is also cute about a couple who has a problem because the guy snores.


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I find the Wilber-Rainie combi quite hilarious (think MISS NO GOOD). They’ve been friends for over a decade and their cat-and-dog bickering is one of the funniest things I have seen. I never shipped them though but “Snore” has made me revisit my Titanic.

It was Rainie’s 30th birthday on June 4 and she apparently had a party with some of her celebrity friends including Charlene Choi, Tiffany Hsu, Michelle Chen, Xiao Gui, Cindy Wang and yes, Wilber, among many others. Mike He was also there. Rainie and Mike were my Titanic.

Strange as this may sound but I can’t remember what happened first: whether I jumped overboard or the ship sunk… but it does not really matter now. But I shipped them for five years and it wasn’t really easy to let go. I have blogged about that episode in my fangirl life here, here and here. I have written enough on it as part of my therapy and the the only thing I want to say now is, I’m glad that they remain friends. There are lessons I have learned from that Titanic and just like the movie itself, it’s always an interesting story to tell. Sunken ships are nothing to snore at… can’t help the pun.

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