#fangirlproblems #4



So there were tears and happiness on my Arashi timeline today depends on whether they failed or succeeded in getting a ticket to ARASHI BLAST IN HAWAII concert in September.

I didn’t have tears to shed nor happiness to make because, well, I can’t even apply for the lottery that’s exclusive to members of the Arashi fan club, now numbering to 1.6 million.

And yes, that’s a valid fangirl problem: how to be a member of a fan club.

To be an Arashi fan club card-carrying member, it’s pretty straightforward. Check this out.

As an FC member, you get perks and privileges like the newsletter and priority service when applying for tickets. And every Arashi fan knows how difficult it is to get tickets to their concerts on auction sites or the black market, and it may entail selling your arm, leg and liver. So being an FC member, where you can buy tickets at the average $70 price regardless of the seat, is really the most practical way to go with an annual fee of $50.

But, and here’s the big BUT: “membership is available only to those living in Japan.”

In other words, you need a Japanese address to apply. At least they don’t limit it to Japanese citizens so you can actually go around the requirements even if you don’t live in Japan but have friends who are willing to let you use their mailing address. I do have Japanese friends but they are all “serious” journalists. And while they know I’m an Arashi fan–and were amused–I don’t know if they’d be amused if I ask them to go to the post office to pay my membership fee to Johnny’s.

So even after all these years of being a fan, I am still an “unofficial” storm.

On the other hand, it’s fairly easy for my other fandom, CNBLUE. Here’s a tutorial on how to be an official Boice.

Yes, the fan club is open to “international fans”. Did you hear that Johnny?

The Boice membership also offers the same privileges as Arashi/Johnny’s plus discounts on goods bought off the FNC site and a chance to attend activities within Korea. The annual membership fee is $30.

So am I an “official” Boice now? Not yet.

The reason why I’d probably join a fan club is to be able to enjoy concert ticket privileges. I’ve been able to buy my concert ticket for the Busan leg of Can’t Stop without any hassle. So for now, I’m unofficially blue.

Or maybe I just have a problem with clubs.

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6 thoughts on “#fangirlproblems #4

  1. There are ways to get around the Johnny’s fanclub requirements but you need to be extremely patient and persistent in the process, and wiling to pay a little more for the various service charges. My sister did it recently and she’s close to 100% success, now waiting to sort out the membership login details with the fanclub. She echoes your desperation in trying to be an Arashi member b/c she has been longing for a chance to participate in the concert tickets lottery.

    Having a local Japanese address isn’t a big problem – check out Tenso.com. Making membership payment at post office can also be solved if you have a paypal account, friends who read/write Chinese and are willing to help you send a few emails, and don’t mind paying a little service charge. There are people out there on the Internet who run services of making deposit payments at Japanese post office and we’ve used that before. If you want help, let me know and I can send you the link. The only other thing that my sister is still trying to resolve is the telephone/mobile number part. Maybe you can try borrowing one from your Japanese friend or consider using Tenso’s shopping inquiry hotline? The telephone/mobile number is needed b/c the last 4 digits would form the password for your membership login details and you can use it to check lottery ticket results. Of cos, I assume once you login successfully, you can also check any results online. The membership guide also says you can contact the fanclub to obtain the login password if you didn’t provide a telephone number on the application.

    While it’s taken Johnny’s almost 2 months to process my sis’s application (right, bearing in mind that they have 1.6 million members…), there now seems to be light and hope in life for her. Likewise, I hope these tips are useful to you and you can be officially Arashi soon!


    • omg two freakin’ months to get the application process? lol a visa application takes faster hahahaha

      thanks so much for the tip. I’ll think about it… I’m hoping they will open the FC to international fans soon. I mean, being on Weibo and streaming Waku Waku live in Shanghai is already a huge step for Johnny and I hope it’s just the start. We shall see XD


  2. I have give up on this already and thought that the only way for me to be a “legitimate” Arashi fan is to go to Japan. I hope that the jimusho will realize that keeping the boys in Japan deprives them of wonderful opportunities waiting for them beyond the Sea of Japan. They are not given the name “storm” for nothing because our boys will really take the world by storm! XD


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  4. I booked my Hawaii holiday as soon as I found out about the concerts. Today I have learned that tickets through Ticketmaster will be sold to US and Canada residents only. So, I go online and if my post code is Sydney and not San Francisco, I cannot get a ticket? Honestly, I am getting sick and tired of this. Has anyone ever heard that to go to someone’s concert you have to live in either Japan or US? ? And you are not allowed if you are from eg Europe??? Tsk tsk.


    • omg can we call that geographical discrimination? and I thought that by selling the tickets on Ticketmaster, it opens the chances to more fans? I did read they were limited to US and Canada residents only but I had my doubts whether the reports were true… and now here, you confirm it.

      But I guess perhaps they want to take precautions on immigration rules? But then, it should be up to the one buying the ticket to ensure that they can travel to the US right?

      Saying all that, I really really hope that J&A globalize itself. the Japanese market cannot sustain them, and Arashi, for long. it’s time to pay attention to the overseas market too.


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