[blog] hey June… celebs!



Three of my favorite people are celebrating their birthday this month so here’s why I like them, what I’d give them and what I’d wish for them:

Kazunari Ninomiya
Birthday: June 17
Age: 31
Profile: Arashi’s resident brat and No. 1 troll, calls himself “Hollywood Sturr” and “Clint Eastwood’s friend” (both true by the way), known for his “hamburger hands”, plays the piano and guitar, the group’s occasional songwriter (he composed Sketch–together with Sakurai Sho–and Fight Song, also most of his solos), also called “sexual powerhouse” thanks to some tabloid rumors (troll Arashi fans and they’ll troll you back; like Nino, like fans), forever 17.
What I’d give him as a gift: I’d treat him to dinner and pay of course, and make it 365 days coz he’d appreciate free dinner very much especially since he claims he does not bring his wallet to work knowing there are four others who can pay for him (how cunning). If I could, I’d also pay his income tax since that’s the reason he gave for being stingy. But if I were Matsumoto Jun, I’d give him 31 pieces of the gift of his choice so he’d stop complaining over how J only gave him a book card when he turned 21.
My wish for him: More projects so he doesn’t have to be insecure about paying next year’s tax. More recognition for his acting (another Hollywood film perhaps?). And a girl that would understand his personality and leave him alone to play his video games. And yes, preferably, someone who’s rich.

Jung Yonghwa
Birthday: June 22
Age: 25
Profile: CNBLUE’s very charismatic leader, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist; dark, sexy metal; the group’s “best dancer” and sought-after actor (even though they always pin him down for his drama’s low ratings, yet, the offers “keep on coming”), Mr Fan Service (he’d take anything you shove into his face and eat them on the spot if it’s food though I wish he’d be more careful… you never know with crazy fans), one of South Korea’s more prolific composers.
What I’d give him as a gift: He’s rich and unlike Nino, is not scared to spend his money so I won’t give him anything material; just some respectable space so he can walk properly at airports without people taking photos of him at such close range or stalk him when he walks to work; and a break from uber delusional fans, frogs and rootcrops.
My wish for him: Personal happiness and more inspiration so he can compose more music that will take his band to the top of the world.

Kang Minhyuk
Birthday: June 28
Age: 23
Profile: CNBLUE’s adorable drummer, often referred to as the mother hen of the group, clean freak, talented in language, is into extreme pursuits like flower arrangement and biking, the group’s sunshine.
What I’d give him as a gift: Dance lessons? Or season tickets to baseball games. Or a personalized baseball bat or drum sticks (I’m sure he got a lot of the latter).
My wish for him: More confidence to compose his own music (I love Sweet Holiday).

お誕生日おめでとうございます, Kazu!
생일 축하, Yongyong and Minhyuk!

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10 thoughts on “[blog] hey June… celebs!

  1. That’s too bad that Nino has practically said that he probably won’t do Hollywood movie anymore while I do hope he can pursue his career as an actor too. And while he is currently shooting for the drama but I think this drama have no think sort of a challenge for him since I think the character have no much different with him in real life :p


    • that’s because doing a Hollywood movie will take him away from Arashi’s work, which comprises 50% of their work. when he did IWO JIMA, they had to carry his marquee everywhere lol


      • lol, always laughing at that.
        Yes, he said so himself. here’s his quoted that I take from someone at LJ : “…but I don’t think people will see us as Arashi unless all five of us are together now. So… I’ll be right here.”


  2. LOL I wouldn’t be surprised if J actually does go out of his way to give 31 pieces of some object to Nino. Though if J is a true DoS Diva he will troll Nino back and give him 31 book cards along with the roses.


      • Haha now I’m the one on your blog at work. Just started my summer research today, and hanging out in front of a computer all day… well, it was only a matter of time before I caved and went on an Arashi related website.

        I just want to see anyone troll Nino.


  3. Hi! Hi, I’m from the Philippines. I really love your posts. When I’m bored with office work, I take (or steal) some time to read your posts. It is one of my sources of Arashi news and facts. I hope you won’t get tired posting updates about our five beloved bakas. 🙂

    Nino and I share the same birthday. He’s just a year older. Although Jun is my ultimate Arashi guy, I love Nino’s acting. He did great in Letters from Iwo Jima as Saigo. I hope he’ll change his mind and make more Hollywood movies in the future.


    • Happy birthday in advance, Nino’s twin!!! lol

      thanks for dropping by and commenting. your comment made my day!!!

      sometimes I do wonder if people read what I write lol I used to write more freely but then with too many distractions (i.e. shows to watch, social emdia etc), I seldom do now. but happy to know you find my my Arashi posts interesting!


  4. Thank you very much! Sharing the same birthday, although a year apart, with the resident brat of Arashi is an honor for me. XD

    I really appreciate your effort in keeping us updated. In fact, I have already bookmarked your site on my browser.

    I do write, too, but work and school have left me with little time to write for pleasure.


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