[blog] Dear J

No, Uncle Johnny. This is not for you. But you are free to read it. Douzou.

Dear J,

I will try to keep this short because I don’t believe in prolonging anything, unlike you.

When are you going to address the rumors about you dating and getting married soon?

The Japanese tabloids have been putting us through the wringer in the name of sales and the “truth” for the last two years. Two years and yet, no word from you or from your revered agency. If you think by keeping silent it will just go away, well, you’re wrong. If you are keeping silent to protect the stakes involved i.e. Arashi and your fanbase, that is understandable. But letting this drag on for two years? Are you trying to exhaust everyone so that by the time you address this issue finally, no one cares about what the truth is?

But what is the truth? Celebrities may not owe their public the truth but would you rather that the speculations continue and let everyone have their own version of YOUR truth?

I am under no illusion that you or the other four will stay single the rest of your lives. As your fan, I wish you happiness. I may not agree with your decisions including who you date or who you marry but it’s your life. Whether fans accept or abandon you is par for the course but life will go on.

And should you decide to be man enough in addressing this, I just have one request though. Please do not do it during an Arashi concert out of respect for the four and the rest of the fandom. This is your personal life. Do not drag Arashi into it, onegaishimasu.

Good luck.

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21 thoughts on “[blog] Dear J

  1. im discussing this with jap friends who are arashi fans and they say fans will not like it if he doesnt announce it during a con. guess intl fans like us have diff views.

    unless he does this differently from the J&A SOP, the proper first move is tell the fans in a con before you announce it to the rest of the non-fans via presscon. they want to feel special by knowing it first. good luck on the heartbreak though lol.


    • *IF* that is a very big if, J is going to address this I wonder if they can wait that long until the Hawaii con in September. That is another 3 months of weekly tabloid articles and pap stalking them everywhere (I hope it doesn’t escalate into pap’s stalking other member, friends or family but you never know), At this point I don’t think their Jimushos are protecting them by keeping quiet, they are adding fuel to the fire.

      If they are friends (which I think they are) please just issue a statement ASAP and nip this in the bud. If there is really a legit announcement please just announce it soon (Waku Waku con in Osaka in 2 weeks is a good op) and move forward.

      *End Rate*

      Yupkigirl, I’m sorry my first post on your wonderful blog is a rant but this situation is just so frustrating and I don’t want it to escalated to the point where it will effect the rest of Arashi.


      • thanks for your comment! because that’s exactly how I feel!!!

        at this point, it doesn’t matter if I like the girl or not — in fact, it does not really matter in the larger scheme of things because ultimately, it’s Jun’s choice who to date or marry or be friends with and eat at a grill restaurant etc.

        the speculations in the media are just frustrating and tiring that I want it to end already. and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that.

        what is so difficult about releasing an official statement?


      • well it can be either way… addressing the issue can be a confirmation or denial.

        I’m so tired of this hoohah that I don’t even know what to think anymore lol


    • omg if ever he does that, I hope he doesn’t do it during the MC in the middle part of the concert. because how else would you be able to enjoy the show?

      besides, isn’t it an Arashi concert? then everything will be overshadowed by that news.

      of course it would have the approval of the four if ever that happens. but I would rather have them not around. what are they gonna do? stand there looking at best supportive and sympathetic? no please, leave the four out of this lol


      • Thanks for the quick reply.

        From what I understand if there is an announcement it will definitely be at the con (unless u’re Jin and just do your own thing and get punished for it).

        Let’s not be too hard on J and J&A, there are 2 parties in this dance, she and her Jimusho could just as easily issue a statement regarding the situation and I believe they have had ample opportunities to do so. She’s got her big Taiga filming coming right around the corner and they still have not had the prescon, does that have anything to do with this ‘scandal’? If NHK is delaying the prescon because of this, that is seriously unprofessional of her.


      • maybe before her jimusho can release anything, it has to have the approval of the other party. and the delay obviously shows both parties have not come to an agreement on what to do. hmm very interesting and curious don’t you think so?


      • When you put it like that it feels like we are all just waiting for a confirmation rather than a denial.


      • hmmm… the SOP is an announcement with group on a con or they are there even on the presscon (not really with them onstage but they are there.. to show their support i guess). if any of arashi or any idol decides to marry and announce it, i feel thats the way to go.


      • can J do it on his own? lol
        if the other four announce theirs, I don’t mind the entire group.
        but for some reason, with J, I’d rather he do it on his own lol


      • wait! is this because of M or this applies to whomever J marries hahah

        i will feel bad if J is alone during his announcement lol


      • if his anouncement has something to do with M, then why not do it during her taiga? hitting two birds with one stone lol

        that’s the big IF.


      • if the buzz is correct it will be both.. question is who will go first? if it’s an J + M wedding ha.

        if J is not an idol, then there are no fans who will demand that they be informed first, M can announce before her taiga. but since he’s arashi they say he will announce first then presscon.


  2. Well I doubt Jun will announce it during the concert.
    He would be act professional or at least wait after the 15th Anniversary.
    But if he announce during the concert it kinda dejavu for me LOL
    because his senpai Innochi V6 announced her marriage with Asaka Seto during concert.
    And their fans looks happy and congratulated them.
    Hope the best for Jun and of course Arashi 😀


    • well the majority opinion is he will address the issue during a concert, regardless of whether it goes for a confirmation or denial.

      so good luck to those fans attending the concert lol


  3. Sorry but i still don’t really get it. I knew this issue few days ago and how come you know that he’s going to announce it during their concert?
    Thank you.


    • which part did I say that he will?

      I wrote:
      AND SHOULD YOU DECIDE to be man enough in addressing this, I just have one request though. Please do not do it during an Arashi concert out of respect for the four and the rest of the fandom.”

      Speculations are all over the net that he will address the issue during a concert.

      I DID NOT say that he is going to do it. and during a concert.

      I DO NOT know, just like the rest of us. I never said I know. I DON’T.

      I hope that is clear? because I don’t want to be spreading misunderstanding and misinformation among those who read this blog.

      thanks for commenting.


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