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[I’m used to spending late Sunday afternoons watching Jung Joonyoung on 2 DAYS 1 NIGHT to recharge for the new week but KBS World apparently changed the schedule and I didn’t get the memo. So I’m writing this instead.]


Credit: kpop-u-luv.blogspot.com

Credit: kpop-u-luv.blogspot.com


I know, I shouldn’t call Jung Joonyoung as “the other Jung” because after all, there are many Jungs in the Korean entertainment industry. It doesn’t do him justice too because he’s as talented as CNBlue’s Jung Yonghwa. I just can’t help the similarities sometimes: Just like JYH, JJY also sings, composes music, plays musical instruments and yes, he was on WGM too.


Credit: saryre.blogspot.com

Credit: saryre.blogspot.com


I am glad though that he is leaving WGM. While there’s no doubt that many aspiring stars have used WGM as a route to expanding their fanbase, they also run in danger of getting the most rabid fans that would affect their solo careers in the future. So thank goodness he’s out of that reality TV show because he deserves to be known on his own merits than being somebody else’s fake husband.

I don’t follow K-pop closely so I don’t know what is SUPERSTAR K4, where he was in the top 3. But what I like about JJY is his being a third culture kid. He was born in Indonesia and was raised in China, Japan, England, France and the Philippines, where he spent three years (?) as a volunteer. He can speak English, Korean, Mandarin and some Japanese and Filipino. He sometimes shows off his English-speaking skills on KBS World’s 2 DAYS 1 NIGHT as well as his wicked sense of humor.

I love it when he sings classic American rock songs like this:



His duet with Roy Kim (gotta say, JJY’s smile at the end is… creepy LOL):



His debut single, Spotless Mind:



And for football fans like me (I’m more of a FIFA World Cup fan than a regular one), JJY has recorded We are Reds, a cheer song for the coming cup in Brazil.



Listen to his first mini album:



Final note: I was just discussing this with some friends. I used to be a J-pop snob, or rather, an Arashi snob. I’m not saying they’re the best because it all depends on what pushes your buttons. I just didn’t listen to other artists simply because I was not interested to and I had (I still have) my hands full with Arashi.

The truth is, before Arashi, I used to like K-pop. This was 2004. But many things turned me off K-pop and some artists. Then in 2006, I got into Arashi and never looked back nor looked elsewhere since.

Until CNBlue.

And it opened my eyes to K-pop again, although on a still very limited scale. There are still many things that turn me off K-pop and most of the time I find it best to just step back and be an onlooker instead of getting too involved. Sometimes I can’t help it though, I am but just a fangirl after all.

But I have learned to never say never.

Besides, learning about other artists, fandoms and their sub-cultures make us appreciate our base. And variety always makes life interesting and colorful anyway.

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