[blog] fangirl dreams are made of these

What’s your ultimate fangirl dream?

  1. buy all your idols’ CDs/DVDs/BDs
  2. watch them perform live
  3. shake their hands
  4. talk to them in person and not just to their photos or videos
  5. go on a date with them
  6. be their wife

I should do a poll on this, it would be interesting to see the results. And while I find numbers 3 to 6 amusing, there really are some fangirls who dream of those. Maybe it’s years of being a fangirl but I have reached that point that I don’t even dream of shaking their hands anymore. Shaking celebrities’ hands has proven it hasn’t changed my life though maybe it made me happy for a second or two. LOL.

Truth be told, number 2 would be a dream enough for me.

Well, not really.

I dream of opening a cafe one day where I can just play music by Arashi and CNBlue. I’m not even interested in the food that I’d serve. I just want a venue where I could unwittingly impose my favorite groups’ music on people. And maybe some Sakanaction and Standing Egg every now and then. Just to prove that I have a diverse range when it comes to music.

And I have other dreams too when it comes to my two favorite groups and they all boil down to a crossover.

Arashi and CNBlue appearing together on MUSIC STATION

A fangirl can dream, right?

I mean, it’s not really remote considering how CNBlue is figuring on the Oricon charts already. Besides, this is more likely to happen than appearing together on NHK’S KOUHAKU.

CNBlue appearing on VS ARASHI or SHIYAGARE

Yonghwa, the RUNNING MAN ace, might be bored with the indoor games on VSA. But isn’t it about time that VSA takes its games outside and try other formats? I mean, yes, it’s still fun to watch them do Kicking Sniper, Shotgun Disk, Jungle Bingo, Cliff Climb etc in the studio, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a breath of fresh air every now and then. A RUNNING MAN-like format won’t be that bad too but I don’t think Arashi would want to be divided and play against one another. Then it won’t be VS ARASHI anymore.

Or the blue boys can do a restaurant segment with the baka boys on SHIYAGARE since one thing these two groups have in common is that they love food (Arashi’s taste though is questionable, what with their taste buds having been ruined by all the nasty food they were made to eat on D NO ARASHI or SHUKUDAI-KUN). But for once, the pesky restaurant corner won’t be as boring with loud interjections of “umai” or “mashta”.

Or you know, CNBlue simply being the guests and talk on SHIYAGARE. I wonder what Nino would do in his Ninomi-YA corner. Or they could play Aiba Sugoroku. I will be a very happy duck just watching them interact.

Doing a photoshoot together, like these:



@jhingnigami told me that the Shun and Hongki photoshoot is the closest I could get to my two biases, Matsujun and Yonghwa. Their best friends on a magazine cover together. I’ll take it for now.

Performing in a joint concert together: CNBlue as live band to Arashi, and Arashi as back-up dancers to CNBlue.




It would be amazing to hear CNBlue play TRUTH, MONSTER, PIKANCHI DOUBLE or FIGHT SONG, among others. They could do their own arrangement on some Arashi songs too. I wouldn’t mind Yonghwa singing SUBARASHIKI SEKAI with only his guitar…

Then there’s Arashi dancing to I’M A LONER, LOVE REVOLUTION, GREEDY MAN, L.O.V.E. GIRL,IN MY HEAD, I’M SORRY or LADY. Riida would surely have fun doing the choreography.

Ahhh I am getting carried away dreaming. Dreams are free anyway. If only they’re easier done than dreamed.

Yeah, CN to the blue… to the sky get ’em high

Arashi, Arashi, for dream…

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