[music] Park Shinhye’s ARM PILLOW is perfect song for spring

I myself thought it was an April Fools’ prank that Park Shinhye would be releasing a digital single on April 1. But it turned out to be true.


psh armpillow


It’s called “Arm Pillow” and the lyricist has composed for IU, among others. The guitarist also played in the Jung Yonghwa-Juniel song “Fool” so PSH is actually in good company.

The song is light, perfect for spring and I can actually visualize flowers bursting open as I listen to it. Too bad there’s no MV.

 My great love that I haven’t told you yet
I will leave it in your heart

Say what you will about her voice–or hate her for working with South Korea’s hottest guys and being good friends with many of them–but the song is cute. While PSH trained as a singer when she was starting out, her career veered towards acting even if she has released singles before for the soundtracks of her dramas.

Fo sho, she doesn’t have that voice that would qualify her for The Voice. I’m not here to make excuses for her. But I don’t think it’s fair to expect her to sing like an opera singer either when the Korean pop industry is overcrowded with idols who pass themselves off as singers. At least this girl doesn’t claim to be a singer. Besides, you’d be missing out on the fun if you focus on hating and nitpicking because the song is addictive. So addictive I’d been looping it since yesterday.

Now excuse me while I listen to it again.

Oh, baby nun gama nareul dama..
gaman neoui ane deureo ga..

English lyrics here. Listen to it here. Download it from iTunes.

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3 thoughts on “[music] Park Shinhye’s ARM PILLOW is perfect song for spring

  1. What I like about PSH is she never claimed to be even just a good singer / dancer when in fact she has the guts. I was able to listen to this song in one of her guestings in a reality show (if that’s what you call Hologram) and puff! Just like you, kept playing it on repeat. The song actually makes one’s heart pound (at least for me) and her voice is too sweet and charming. I’m glad her career has shifted to becoming an actress as I cannot imagine her being in any girl group) It’s really nice reading your posts! 🙂


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