[crack] what’s in a fan club name

I just noticed that many fandoms, especially in Korean pop culture, take their names seriously. I mean, yeah of course, when you’re in a fan club, it makes sense to have a name for it and not just the generic “XXX Fan Club”. Boring.

Having a name gives a sense of uniqueness and belongingness and the more catchy it is, the better. But are they just catchy? Let’s take a look at some of those that are, um, special. Oh and this is crack, no offense meant, just for fun.




Eel – Jang Geun-suk

This was what prompted this post actually. I learned it the other day and I haven’t recovered since. Whoever thought of this name should have been fired a long time ago. Who wants to be called an “eel”? It’s just so… eel-fated. My friends on Twitter and I have been having a good laugh over this. It’s just so eel-arious! OK, eel stop now. Eel-ly.

Elf – Super Junior

I always get a kick asking if the plural form is “elves”. Oh, it means Everlasting Friends?

Primadonna – FTISLAND

I’ve been following the band recently because of a coverage and the first time I came across the mention of “Primadonna”, I thought FNC was launching a new girl group that would front for FTI’s concerts. (Apparently, it was a title of a song in their debut album.)

Cassiopeia – TVXQ

I’d have a difficulty spelling my own fandom if I’m a member of this.

Shawols – SHINee

Stands for SHINee World. Are you allowed to go AWOL from the fandom?

Inspirit – INFINITE

As a fan, am I allowed to just be at their events in spirit?

Cloud – Rain

Makes sense. But it would have been, uh, funny cute if his fans were called Rainbow instead.

Kissme – UKISS

Kind of witty actually. But I prefer Kismet.

Play Girlz – After School

Now, this is a problem. What about the fanboys? I’m guessing… Play Boyz?


Another one that was absent when spelling was taught in school.

Jumping BoA – BoA

Why didn’t they settle for BoA Constrictor?


At least it wasn’t exorcise.

Psycho – Psy

For real?

Oh and don’t get me started on the club names for the individual members of these idol groups. Then there are the colors.

Meanwhile, I still don’t know if I’m an Arashian, an Arashist (as Jun would have it) or Arashic. Oh but I’m pretty sure that I’m a girl, even if I’m a BOICE.

More on fan club names here.

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7 thoughts on “[crack] what’s in a fan club name

  1. Buahahaha ridiculously ridiculous.
    Thankfully, I also dig 6th member than anything^^
    Though, there’s fan-no-ko by Ohchan, Arashist by the Master of Concert himself XDD What else?


  2. Hahaha you really got me with this x,D ( I’m never going to see the fandom names in the same way again after your puns lol) But I also keep questioning myself about some kpop stuff, especially being someone that came from JE fandom (NEWS fan here!). But after sometime in kpop world, I start to look with strange eyes to Jimusho’s way of doing business (even though I understand some things).
    Anyway, talking about fan club names, that is a rookie group called Uniq. Their fan club name is Unicorn! Can I just say how I love it? I’ve always wanted to say “I’m a unicorn” and now I can do it officially LOL Sometimes you can identify with a fan club name more than you think xD


    • Unicorn! that’s cool and plus points to not spelling it as Uniqorn hahahaha

      what do you mean by the jimusho’s way of doing business? how insular and backward they are? lol


      • Hahahahahaha Yes, uniqorn would be awful xD

        And yes. I have a expansionary view, so to have potential artist stuck only in one country is difficult for me. Even though I understand that it works with Jimusho and they are very successful in their one way. However, because they have so many groups and potential juniors to debut, I think it would be great if they could send some of the groups to promote outside the country, especially the ones that don’t have much space in Japan (because Arashi dominated it hahaha xP). Oh, well, the old man knows what he does, he is the one with the money, not me lol


      • I think HSJ had been doing concerts overseas? thought I heard it before. don’t really follow the other groups so I don’t know much either. but yes, it’s about time that the jimusho really look outside Japan. it’s the era of globalization for chrissakes! and our Uncle won’t be there for long. in fact, I would think that controversial Mary interview is a precursor of things to come…


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