#fangirlproblems #1

(Starting a new blog corner)




I shouldn’t be blogging when I should be doing what any loyal and respectable fangirl should be doing: that is RTing or upvoting or clicking whatever thing it is on the Internet to ensure that CNBlue wins. Though to be honest, I’m not really sure how an RT or a hashtag or a “like” button could help them win whatever it is they’re supposed to win. I don’t even know what they’re supposed to win and, yes, I am just going around in circles.

I won’t use being a newbie fan as an excuse. I come from a different mindset where the only “click” that matters is the “buy” button as I have mentioned in a previous post. And Oricon does the rest of the job for me. All I need to do is sit back and wait for the official figures to come out. Then Arashi appears on MUSIC STATION. Et voila, no sweat. (Do I sound like a lazy fan? Hahaha!)

This has actually been a dilemma for me. Will it make me a bad fan if I don’t RT, upvote, hashtag? Hey, I did watch the CAN’T STOP MV on YouTube without pausing and watched it several times too. Shall I watch some more so they could reach 3 million views and sing the song in some accent like they promised or make a video call on LINE?

It’s not like I haven’t done crazy things in my fangirl life before, even crazier than spamming my Twitter.

But I need to understand what I’m getting myself into and right now, I’m purely looking at everything from a business standpoint because, well, money talks. Though that shouldn’t really concern me as a fan, that should be the concern of the producers and the artists, especially since I won’t have any share of the revenue pie anyway. I’m just purely concerned that all of these do not have any implication on the things that matter because the bottom line is, entertainment is still business. In other words, show me the money!

So I started reading up on the K-pop business model to better understand what all of these is about and I found some really interesting reads:

  • No less than The Economist wrote on K-pop’s business structure stemming from the international success of Psy and it’s no surprise to read that digital downloads, no matter if they reach the billions or millions, do not really make for a sustainable business model.
  • The Music Industry Blog also takes a look at what it calls the “curious case of the Korean music market” and it’s interesting how it notes fan behavior not only in K-pop but in J-pop (or rather, in the Asian market) as opposed to the Western market.

There are also several analyses online on what Psy’s billion YouTube hits really mean. And that while it only earned him $800,000++, the real deal came from advertisements, endorsements and paid performances across the world that followed.

These hits and views do actually matter. Obviously, the more popular an artist is, the more job offers there are. And the more possibility to see them up close and personal. Maybe.

And I do understand the psychic rewards that come when you see the artists you support win in anything, even if it’s a poll from a website that’s obviously to drive up hits. How much more if it’s winning the charts (I’ll just ignore the ambiguity of it all and the lack of solid numbers) and when they worked so hard on their music. Dammit, they have to win, they deserve it and #CANTSTOP them (there, a hashtag)! Just music.

So excuse me while I upvote and hashtag and RT.

Do I really have to do this? Jinja?

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7 thoughts on “#fangirlproblems #1

  1. I think I know what you mean. I figured out the whole business side of K-pop a while ago. My rational side understands the importance of the “clicks” and the “likes”. My subconscious self, however, doesn’t seem to find it important. I forget to hashtag expressions of my love for this album on Tweeter, forget not to use replay function on Youtube and, instead, wipe clear my hard drive before each listen. I guess, it’s not easy to adapt to a fan culture that is so different from what I’m used to. I’m trying, but it’s an uphill struggle for me. Oh well, I’m off to hashtag something on Tweeter. 😀 #CANTSTOP #CNBLUE


    • haha I’m glad I’m not the only one on this “uphill struggle”!

      but fandom loyalties aside, I find it fascinating. I guess coz I’ve always been interested in group behavior lol

      I still have a lot to learn and I can’t say I’d accept all of them but I’m willing to “adjust”.

      thanks for commenting!


  2. Yes! I’m fascinated by this whole fandom thing. For any anthropologist it would be a gold mind! But… for the sake of my sanity and emotional well-being I try to avoid getting too involved. I love the boys and will support them as much as I can. However, as far as the fandom is concerned, I prefer to be an observer rather than a participant. 🙂


    • “observer rather than a participant”

      hahaha me too!!! I studied sociology so it’s really fascinating for me! but there are things that you won’t make me do now… I guess it comes from being a fangirl for years lol


  3. hi, I’m your new reader, and one of boice. I knoe exactly what you saying in this post. Actually I was one of fans who put hashtag and watch mv several times without knowing what is the essential thing doing it. I just want to feel the excitement of being boice and support cnblue *that’s what fans-base always said when they ask us to click whatever*. And, after my effort to support, suddenly a girl group announce their comeback and achieve all-kill, defeated cnblue. So, all-kill is about having such a great number of fans. oh ok..good music is not the only reason to be number one. So I just stop clicking or putting hashtag on my twit. Just let the mass do it..wathcing the battle of fans..hehehe


    • I swear K-pop is such a very alive world lol I mean it’s exciting and all and I can see that on my Twitter timeline

      I hope by the girl group that achieved an all-kill, you mean the one who deserves it more between the two girl groups lol

      sadly, in entertainment, it’s not about who’s better at what they do all the time. it’s a confluence of so many things from the fan base, PR blitz, fan service…


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