CAN’T STOP… looping

CNBlue’s new mini album, CAN’T STOP, is technically my “first” album since I became their fan. I’m still such a newbie in every sense of the word and if we are to count the length, we’re talking here of barely three months.

I’m still in the process of getting more familiar with their discography though admittedly, I am more partial to their early works and the Japanese albums… except for WHAT TURNS YOU ON, which didn’t, well, turn me on.

So I’m not going to even attempt to review the mini album or analyze the influences they have in their new songs. When it comes to singers I fangirl, it’s either just like or dislike their songs: suki or kirai desu. But disliking something does not make anyone less of a fan deshou as we have different taste in music.

I also have to say that what makes CNBlue’s songs extra special is because they composed them. The words and the music are from their heart and soul on top of their sweat, blood and tears.




Of the six songs in this album, my favorite is Can’t Stop. Aside from being catchy, it’s also musically interesting. It starts out slow then picks up. It’s literally an earworm with the…

Can’t stop me now

I can’t stop loving you

Those words also reflect my general sentiment when it comes to CNBlue, despite reasons not to fangirl them, no thanks to fan wars and rude fans who spoil the fun. But I guess, not enough to spoil my appreciation for the band’s music because they deserve the support… and well, I can’t stop lol!

Cold Night is nice but I think it’s even going to be more awesome performed live with an orchestra. Same with Love Is, which is my second favorite song in the album. Yonghwa’s voice is amazing and very soulful here that even with the studio version, I already get goosebumps. How much more live.

The overall feel of the songs is melancholic and sad though. Just as Park Shin-hye said:

It stings the heart.

Makes your heart pound.

And flutter.

Yonghwa-ssi, wae are the songs sad?

Though I miss their old rock sound, I am glad that the band is experimenting with different styles and pushing the envelope. They are all musically talented I’m sure they still have a lot more to give and I would really want to see Minhyuk and Jungshin’s compositions in their future albums.

Now excuse me while I go listen again.. I just Can’t Stop myself!

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