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Not that I’m counting down to Valentine’s Day but it may be a perfect excuse for a blog post. As it is, dramaland is littered with dream boys and perfect men that sadly, exist only within the script of the writer and the confines of the small screen. Real life is far more… gritty. But let that not stop me from writing about the ideal men I’ve met in the dramas I have watched. However, considering how limited my scope of dramas is, this won’t be representative of all the dreamy men that had come and gone in dramaland. And I am only including those from dramas that I’ve actually watched from beginning to end not those that were not able to sustain my interest to the very end. It’s not you, it’s me. Or rather, the drama.



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The boy who was besotted with his sunbae I wanted to both slap him and hug him. Slap him because he was so heartbreakingly delusional that his love would be reciprocated; and hug him because we have been through that kind of infatuation before. It was a good thing he got out of that stupor and fell in love with the girl, literally, next door. And was he such a darling boyfriend, always putting her interests first before his and protecting her and pushing for her dreams to the point of taking for granted his own dreams. Oh yeah, I wished to be Lee Gyu-won especially since it’s Jung Yong-hwa playing Lee Shin here.

And the lines!

“To me, you are still the best lead actress.”

“Do not cry when I’m not around.”

“No matter what your decision is, I will always stand by you.”

And who can resist Yong-hwa, I mean, Lee Shin, when he sings with his guitar? It’s okay to mistake one for the other since JYH once said that his real personality is like Lee Shin. Oh stop it already Yongie!

2. Haru (PRIDE)


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For the longest time, this drama was my yardstick for romance dramas. It took me a while to get over this and start watching other dramas. I was so into the world of Haru and Aki. Haru may not be the ideal guy; he’s naughty and plays around… until he saw Aki. It was literally love at first sight. Although the way he won her heart was kind of sneaky, the way his boy’s heart inside a man’s body slowly opened up to her was just so heartbreaking and poignant. And the way he let her go and fought for her… it’s the dream boy made in drama heaven. Still the best Kimura Takuya romance drama there is in my opinion.



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It’s easy to forget that Fujiki Naohito’s Bucho actually has a name in this drama: Takano Seiichi. I love how this guy was just so tolerant of “Ahomiya” (Amemiya), that despite his poker face he could also be goofy and could match her quirkiness, including literally rolling on the tatami with her. And what’s a perfect way to end the day than sitting by the garden and drinking beer with the man you can be your himono onna self with, track pants, little ponytail, dried cuttle fish and all? I mean, once you find a guy like that, don’t ever let him go. He’s precious. Buchoooooooo!!!!!

So there I go. The loyal one. The passionate one. And the goofy one.

What more can a girl ask for?

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5 thoughts on “[blog] the perfect Mr Valentine from dramaland

  1. Ah, was not a fan of Heartstrings I confess. There was no chemistry for me there, between Yong-hwa, who can’t act, and Park Shin-hye, who pretty much always bores me. Their fly-by kisses X_X (That’s just how I feel of course.)

    Now, Pride on the other hand… there was more screen-burning chemistry in the first episode or two of that drama than in the full run of a gazillion other Asian dramas. It’s definitely at the top of Kimutaku’s romance dramas, although Long Vacation closely follows it (it’s just that there the romance starts much later).


  2. Heartstrings remain one of my all time favourite Korean drama and I still watch it from time to time to get my Yong Hwa fix. Haha. Now I’m just dying to watch the movie version where they included some of the never before seen scenes. Wonder if they will ever release a DVD with subtitles for the movie.


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