LIEBSTER raincheck

First a confession: I’m quite ignorant about Liebster though I’ve been blogging since 2001. I guess that says a lot on how I tend to stay in my own little oyster. But thank you to dramaticleaves and My Drama Tea for this year’s nominations. And by raincheck, I mean, thank you too to jandoe for last year’s nomination. Better late then never ei? Doing this for fun.




Oh and there are rules:

  1. Each nominee link back the person who nominated them. [2014] [2014] [2013]
  2. Answer 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.
  3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.
  4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
  5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

And I’m going to add from last year since this is a raincheck: list 11 random facts about yourself.


  1. I love pandas.
  2. I have 16 teddy bears. I named them all.
  3. Watching dramas is my guilty pleasure. Well, not really. Let’s just say, my hobby.
  4. I dream of writing a book. One day. I always say.
  5. I’m a big Arashi and CNBlue fangirl. But I guess those who read this blog know that already.
  6. I love Japanese culture and is studying Nihongo.
  7. I love milk chocolates. Not a big fan of nuts.
  8. Every morning, I need to have my iced red tea.
  9. I can ignore sleep just to read fan fiction.
  10. I’m in the political and economic news business, but I’d rather be doing entertainment. Don’t tell my boss.
  11. I love people who make me laugh.

Questions from dramaticleaves:

1. When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you think? – Panda eyes again?!
2. Would you rather be Elsa or Ana from Frozen. Why? – Oops, haven’t watched it yet. In fact, I haven’t watched a movie at the cinema in a long time, let alone a Western one.
3. What kind of fairy tale evil queen would you be if you can be one? – Um, I’m stumped with this question not because I don’t have any evil fantasies but I can’t think of any evil role model. Okay, maybe Miranda from DEVIL WEARS PRADA but she’s not from a fairy tale though she’s an evil queen.
4. If you were to confess your love to your love, how would you do it? – Through a song.
5. If you were a second lead in an Asian drama, and you know that the girl that you like, likes someone else more, what would you do? – Well, do it the stereotypical second lead way and be the suffering best friend who doesn’t get the girl. Nah, just kidding. Befriend the scriptwriter so that I’ll eventually become the lead and get the girl.
6. What are the three most common phrases that you say on any given day (barring um, hello, goodbye, and thank you). – Aiyoh, hai, omo. (Yes, I got it all from watching Asian dramas).
7. If you were to choose a type of weapon to defend yourself with, what would it be? – Um, a blog? Coz a blog is mightier than the sword in this digital age.
8. When you’re sad, what do you do to make yourself feel better? – Listen to music or watch dramas.
9. What is the most wonderful, unexpected thing that’s ever happened to you and how did it change you? – Getting a fellowship to Oxford. It opened my eyes wider to the world, allowed me to travel around Europe and brought me friends from across the globe.
10. What makes you laugh until you cry? – My funny friends and my baka/pabo idols.

Questions from jandoe:

  • If you could relive your life totally differently, would you? Why or why not? – Not really. There may have been some things I regret not doing but I don’t have any complaints.
  • What does “being in the moment” mean to you? – Enjoying and appreciating what is here and now.
  • If you could turn back time to your younger self to impart some life lesson you now know as an adult, how old would then-you be, what wisdom would you impart and why? – In my teens. Go out, meet more friends, don’t be a snob!
  • Describe yourself through pop culture references, who/what would that be and why? – I’ve always identified with “yeopkgi girl” in MY SASSY GIRL, that’s why until now I use “yupkigirl”. Her naivete, her simple joys, the way she shows her affection, her pain. The character was just so profound, just like life itself.
  • Pick a favorite song and tell us why! – Furusato by Arashi. It’s a very beautiful song about one’s hometown that everyone can relate to.

Update: Good thing I haven’t published this yet because one of my reference/go-to blogs when it comes to dramas, My Drama Tea, nominated me too. Thank you so much, not only for the nomination, but for the interesting posts!

My Drama Tea questions:

  • What was your favorite drama of 2013 and why? – THAT WINTER THE WIND BLOWS for the pretty and MASTER’S SUN for the humor.
  • What are your top two bromances? – Eita and Matsumoto Jun in LUCKY SEVEN, definitely and the one and only.
  • Are there any actors or actresses that have become one of your new biases/favorites lately? – Jung Yonghwa of CNBlue qualifies as an actor, right?
  • Favorite screencap, still, poster, etc. lately? – Anything Cheon Songyi from MAN FROM THE STARS (including her stickers on LINE), and CNBlue- and Arashi-related.
  • Why don’t you watch the Legend of Zhen Huan?  JUST KIDDING JUST KIDDING.
  • What character(s) are you similar to, or what character(s) do you relate to the most? – MY SASSY GIRL (she didn’t have a name in the movie).
  • List one new year’s resolution for 2014. – Don’t have one, I made a 2014 bucket list instead.
  • What country are you from or what country are you living in currently? – Living in Thailand currently.
  • Himono-onna or suteki-joshi? – Himono-onna definitely! (Especially since I don’t know what suteki-joshi is lol)
  • What is another one of your guilty pleasures? (besides dramas :P ) – Ahem, reading fan fiction on my sushi and kimchi OTPs.
  • How would you like to be remembered in the blogosphere? – As a fangirl who is sensible and not blind crazy.
  • What is your favorite theme song? – Right now, it’s You’ve Fallen For Me from HEARTSTRINGS.

Here are my nominees:

You Don’t Know Me (jandoe)


The Drama Corner

Isabelle loves to rant


The rules say should nominate those with less than 200 followers but these bloggers I really love reading, so, even if it won’t count:

My Drama Tea

My Hong Kong Husband

Blogging is a form of therapy for me so thank you to everyone who read my rants dramas posts. I love exchanging POVs here especially on dramas and my fandoms, and I love reading diverse views from those blogs I follow. Again, thank you to my nominators too!

Oh and the questions for my nominees:

  • Tell us a bit on the name of your blog.
  • If blogging is going to be outlawed (not that it will happen) and it’s going to be your last post, what will you write about?
  • Which character in a film or drama is closest to your personality?
  • Name your most favorite place.
  • When was the last time you laughed so hard tears were coming out of your eyes?

© Yasminka Lee (blogging since 2001). Unauthorized use and/or duplication of the contents in Orange Jasmine Purple Yam without permission from the author/owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Yasminka Lee/Orange Jasmine Purple Yam with appropriate link to the original content.

11 thoughts on “LIEBSTER raincheck

  1. Omg I read my questions and can barely remember coming up with them haha :p Thanks again for taking the time to answer them even if it took a year haha though you really didn’t need to feel obliged! Enjoyed reading your answers though, feel like I got to know you a bit more through this ^_^


    • oh I had fun writing this… and I forgot to include the questions!!! pabo me! lol I updated it now and I would be very much interested to read your answers… no pressure though lol


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