Junpyo meets Harlem Yu: the BOYS OVER FLOWERS x METEOR GARDEN crossover

I dropped BOYS OVER FLOWERS after the first 10 minutes but that won’t stop me from saying that hey, Lee Min-ho is good-looking. That is, without his Goo Junpyo perm. And that he can sing METEOR GARDEN’s anthem like a pro.

I’m saying (and writing this) while rewatching for the nth time Junpyo’s performance with Harlem Yu at CCTV’s Chinese New Year.


lmy hy(credit on the pic)

Harlem, you know, that dude who sang Taiwan’s HANA YORI DANGO anthem called Qing Fei De Yi. Remember that scene in the last episode of METEOR GARDEN in front of a McDonald’s (in Taipei’s New York New York now no more; they took down the whole area along with many Taiwan drama memories) where San Cai and Dao Ming Si walk by bickering as usual? Yes, that dude with the guitar singing on the sidewalk.

Well, he met the Korean Ah Si and even sang Qing Fei De Yi with him at that CNY TV gala. Harlem does not seem to age but so does Lee Min-ho.



I’ve seen LMH before in a press conference and my, isn’t he long? The height, I mean. His legs just went on and on my friend who was covering with me actually said he’s all legs.

I have to confess I have lost count how many times I’ve watched the video above. I love the rodeo-slash-traditional-Chinese music arrangement. I just love the song, full stop, so I guess it does not matter who sings it, even if it’s Junpyo. I’m just glad he did not wear his bad perm, but then I’m sure many of his fans prefer to remember him as Kim Tan of HEIRS now. (HEIRS or the HANA YORI DANGO that overdosed on caffeine or meth.) But yeah, the more I watched him singing with Harlem, the more I started to suspect that I’ve started to crush on LMH. Ottoke?

Well, blame the song. It also brings back lots of memories that I’ve been in a MG melancholic mood the last few days. I suppose first love really never dies, MG being my first love when it comes to Asian dramas. And you know what’s even more amazing? That years later, I can still sing along to Qing Fei De Yi.

Now, wouldn’t it be great if Dao Ming Si, Domyoji Tsukasa and Goo Junpyo can appear together? Let’s just forget for a while that East Asia has a lot of issues but who knows, they may just be the solution. LOL.

Say again Ah Si/Tsukasa/Junpyo?

“If all conflicts can end with ‘I’m sorry’, then we won’t need the police.”

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