sori jilooo!!!! 소리 질러! it’s CNBlue’s 4th anniversary!!!

Someone asked me on Facebook a few days ago who I like among CNBlue the most, and I replied: “I’m there for the music.”

That’s the truth though I have to admit that I’m a big Yong-hwa fangirl. He is just so freakin’ hot especially when he’s onstage performing, imperfect teeth and all. But I like all four members of the band and I am slowly learning their different personalities (shall we go with their Code Name: Burning Jong-hyun, Lovely Min-hyuk, Untouchable Jung-shin and Emotional Yong-hwa). They complement one another, which is a huge attraction for me coming from a fandom comprised of five extreme personalities that when together create a storm, pun intended.

So I guess, in that respect, I am being consistent.

Admittedly, I am not a K-pop fan (I always insist that CNBlue is K-rock… fine, K-pop rock) though I do like some of the K-pop music that I hear in dramas by accident. It’s not just for me in the same way that I can’t claim to be a J-pop fan since I don’t listen nor follow all things J-pop, and neither am I a JE (Johnny’s Entertainment) fan.

I’m just two months into the CNBlue fandom and I am still finding my way around, learning about their history, getting more familiar with their body of work and following their news. When I fan-girl, I do the full monty and that is probably why I can’t fan-girl everyone, otherwise I won’t have time for other things.

So let’s say the length of time of my being a CNBlue fangirl is just a fraction of the time they have spent in the industry. They officially debuted in South Korea on Jan 13, 2010, though they have been an indie band in Japan before that for about two or three years (like I said, I am still at CNBlue 101).

So… Happy 4th Anniversary CNBLue!




I have to say that their “indie days” is one of the things that attracted me to CNBlue. Not to say that those who did not go through being an indie don’t deserve to be successful but it gives them street cred and that is very important for a band. It also makes success sweeter knowing that they had their own salad days. I recently saw a portion of their documentary film “THE STORY OF CNBLUE/NEVER STOP” where Yong-hwa talks about how they had money when they first started in Japan but the funds soon got depleted and from then on, they were spurred by their “hungry spirit”.

Trailer of NEVER STOP:



I mean, who doesn’t like underdog success stories like this? Sometimes I wonder what if I have come across them while performing in Harajuku during my previous trips to Japan? And how about those people who must have passed them, maybe threw some yen into that guitar case, did they even have an inkling that one day these four tramp-looking guys would hit it big?




I like that they compose their own music and I can understand Yong-hwa’s frustration when some people question them about being a “band”.




I just hope that in their quest to reach more people through their music, they don’t compromise their original sound and style, though sometimes it can’t be helped especially now that they have gone mainstream. But just like how they sing in one of their songs, I have faith that they will never lose themselves in the midst of pressure, fame and everything that comes with it. Because as Yong-hwa said before, what sets them apart from idol groups is that they are into creating and all about their music.

How the CNBlue members define music:



The OC in me wants to tamper with the translations and subs in the video and the gifs and if I’m going to be totally honest about it, also their lyrics. One gotta love Konglish but there are times that the editor in me is just itching to straighten out the lyrics. But! It doesn’t lessen the enjoyment of listening and singing along to their songs, nor does it hamper them from getting their message across. Music, as they say, is universal.

I also just love how they define music and I can’t choose which one is my favorite from the photoset above. Since I discovered them, and I must say belatedly considering that my friends have been pimping them to me for some time, CNBlue has become my daily ear fun: at work, once I get home (sorry neighbor) and before I go to sleep.

Thank you CNBlue for bringing your brand of music into my life. I wish you more years and more success in the industry because such talented and hardworking individuals deserve it.



Never lose yourselves, CNBlue!

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