who’s ready for Choco-Jun?

Teen detective, delinquent student, human pet, spoiled heir, Italian cuisine chef, bi-racial prisoner, second-generation actor, amateur detective, photographer…these are some of the roles that Matsumoto Jun has played on the small screen.

And now, in SHITSUREN CHOCOLATIER (literally, “heartbroken chocolatier”), he’s playing a, well, chocolatier.






Jun’s roles may not be as iconic as those that Kimura Takuya has played–including pilot, car racer, prosecutor and even prime minister–always starting a trend of being the most attractive jobs among Japanese men. But when I look at Jun’s body of work, I see diversity in both genres and plots. There was also a conscious effort to gear toward underdog roles in post-Domyoji era, which I think took a long time to work because some people just can’t move on from HANA YORI DANGO. But Jun’s efforts are slowly paying off now.

Jun’s career choices are actually interesting, and sometimes catch his public blind-sided. I never saw BAMBINO nor SMILE coming. Or him picking up the small NHK drama HAJIMARI NO UTA. Among Arashi, he has the least number of commercials (though that doesn’t make him any poorer) and I don’t know whether that is because he is picky with what he endorses or limited offers (that I doubt) or he’s too busy with his behind-the-scene work for Arashi. Whatever it is, I am glad though that he is not spreading himself too thinly and is not all over TV to a point of nausea.

But starting tomorrow, Jun is back on the small screen through Fuji TV’s getsu-9 drama, SHITSUREN CHOCOLATIER. This is his third getsu drama and while I had initial reservations over the manga this drama was based on, I am still curious to see how Jun, the cast and the production staff would translate this to TV (considering the fact that the manga is ongoing). The teasers that have been released so far have offered enough mystery, interest and attraction.



My favorite photo so far from the drama’s magazine shoots (and this one does not even feature yet chocolates):





I love the color grading and the soundtrack. I’m also looking forward to see Arashi perform “Bittwersweet” on Hey3x tomorrow, though I’m still disappointed that Sho’s “Sugar & Salt” was snubbed despite his offer lol.

The cast is very interesting too, if not, kind of off-kilter except maybe for Kiko (who surprised me with how refreshing and carefree and pretty she was on last week’s VS ARASHI). I’m curious on how Satomi will attack her role as the senpai/object of affection and Sato Ryuta in a “boy love” angle with Jun’s role. Ryuta is not exactly small-time in the industry and for him to accept the role plus the fact that he’s been in many Jun dramas as support, I can only think that he finds the roles a challenge or he likes working with Jun or I’m just delusional or he just needs the money.

Everyone’s curious to see Asami too in an Arashi drama considering previous rumors with Aiba. Then there’s Mizobata Junpei who looks kind of hefty here. I still have to wrap my mind around how Takenaka Naoto is playing the father of Jun’s character and I wonder if he will pull his usual comedic card on the role.




Most of all, I am curious on how Jun will portray his role as a delusional and heartbroken chocolatier. I’m sure many can relate with the delusional part.

And please Jun-pon, who can say no to chocolates? It’s not like chocolate in itself is already not irresistible, do you have to make it even more tempting?




I say it again, Meiji is the biggest winner in this project, what with Jun as their main endorser.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


More chocolates?



I swear, I’ll be gaining chocolate pounds once this drama is over.

SHITSUREN CHOCOLATIER airs on Fuji TV on Mondays starting tomorrow, January 13 at 9pm.

*Credit goes to Aiba for “Choco-jun”.

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22 thoughts on “who’s ready for Choco-Jun?

  1. I will be watching this!!! (okay, planning to) Pretty excited cos although the plot is honestly WTFery to me, I did watch the (first?) teaser when it was released and on a first impression basis thought it was quirky and cutem i.e. surprisingly potentially good. Andddd that his character should end up with Mizukawa Asami’s (love her!), so I’m on that ship … at least until I watch the first episode :p


  2. Smile is one of my favourite dramas, it’s too bad it’s so underwatched and underrated. That and Kimi wa Petto are probably my two fave Matsujun doramas.

    I’m looking forward to Matsujun Heartbroken Chocolatier, but I’m feeling very, very hesitant about Ishihara Satomi’s character, because everything I’ve read/seen about that character pisses me off. So I hope Matsujun’s character gets over her by the end of story…


    • I’m not really hot on the manga or the plot. I don’t like Saeko (Satomi’s character) but I also don’t like Jun’s! Like you, I hope Sota gets over her not by the end of the drama but before we even get to the middle of it. It’s at least 11 episodes for crying out loud, I don’t want to see him all mopey and delusional over Saeko lol

      Smile was painful to watch but it is his best indeed, not only in terms of acting but also the decision, effort and risk involved in doing a drama like that. 🙂


      • I didn’t want to say I’m not that keen on the manga or the plot… or even Matsujun’s character. Matsujun’s character I just can’t relate to, because I can’t relate to any character that spends years harbouring an unrequited crush on someone, especially if it’s someone that’s despicable. Saeko is doubly off-putting for me, because Ishihara’s character in RMPW left me annoyed by the end (especially after the special). I don’t want to say I dislike the actress, but I would feel less dread if an actress I really liked were playing the role.

        Oh, ideally he’d give up on her half-way through at least. I just don’t think that’s going to happen. If it were a k-drama I would be sure they would end up together, with a j-drama there’s a bit of hope that they won’t, but I wouldn’t be surprised (but oh-so-annoyed) if they do.

        spoiler warning

        I agree with everything you said about Smile – the acting in the scene where he breaks down just before they take him away to execute him was top-notch.

        end spoiler

        And he definitely earned my respect for choosing a drama on a topic that is still so taboo in Japan.


  3. ah finally! monday nights with jun lol. probably would hate satomi’s character, root for asami’s, swear on kiko’s and be curious with ryuta’s.

    btw, im just way curious… read your tweets, but couldnt react there for obvious reasons lol. why do you hate XXX hahaha? i understand the hatred towards delusional shippers but it seems like you dont like her for J more hehe?

    been following the nakamatsu, maojun, junkou factions and what they sometimes say is scary, especially the one with XXX lol. and its not your average delusional shipper shit like same outfits (pls!) or bandwagon rumors (ughh!), well any way, what would you do if jun really do ends up with XXX?!?

    me, *sigh*, would love to see the boys married of course, but i do hope they marry their one true love! hahaha


    • hmmm why don’t I like XXX?

      it’s kind of ironic considering I was baited into Arashi by HYD. though I never did ship them. but well, whatever floats your boat, right?

      most of my dislike come from the XXX fans who force their delusions/theories down the throats of everyone else in the fandom. and the zombie rumors that get recycled every time they have a project have gotten tiresome. if the media really have something substantial, they’d have come out with it already, Johnny be damned. who stopped them during KimuTaku’s time? and KimuTaku was even hotter property at that time than J is? and considering the “support” that this particular ship gets, what’s stopping them? in this multimedia age, surely they’d have come up with something more than just “scary rumors”? or maybe they can’t because it’s all just delusions? or to sell papers or boost ratings?

      I can’t judge XXX coz I don’t follow her but the few times I watched her on Arashi shows, I find her off. if J ends up with her? well it’s his life (and this is my opinion, which doesn’t count of course since it’s his life not mine lol). I just hope Arashi marry the girls they really love and not because people like them together.


      • true! i remember the kimutaku scandal… they denied that they were together though but unforch he got her pregnant so…

        this one, why is the jimusho not talking? jun denied the one with keiko & kou… why not this one? why cant he be rumored with someone else for crying out loud? why always her? i have the notion that maybe they are really good friends so its safer? but they dont need each other imo.

        im tired tbh, i follow jun since forever and i want this XXX delusion over with already. if this is for real, well what can we do? only inoue kozo says they arent together. finally someone not in the rumor bandwagon. my prob with him though is, he said jin & meisa arent together and they wont marry. same with ueto aya n that exile guy.

        sorry i need this out lol.


      • Oh I didn’t know Inoue Kozo’s track record and that is indeed worrying.

        I don’t know what to think anymore, I didn’t know J denied the Kou rumor? I don’t know why but with other women, I have no problems lol I guess it’s just personal preference. I have a lot of friends who don’t like XXX either.


      • oh when i say i follow jun, it means i stalk jun and all his rumors lol. & pls no second hand twitter rumors or mistranslated ones.

        you understand/ study japanese right? i go to bakusai directly (and yes im bored & i have all the time in the world lol.) no one knows it better than the japanese fans – jun+whoever shippers, antis, neutrals, kibitzers, etc.

        nakamatsu faction seems legit…. but i think the prob is the time factor. no recent sighting whatsoever.
        junkou faction are the worse kind of delusional lol.
        maojun faction seems legit… mokugeki here and there but always with friends… the oguri wedding party. that slip from that ralph lauren vp was nothing compared to the others & its never ending!!!

        thats why im effing tired lol. i dont give a fuck re zombie rumors or recycled stories from uwasa blogs. confirmed sightings cross referenced with celebrity tweets or blogs are the ones making me sleepless.

        i could deal with intl fans who cant seem to move on from hanadan. they are easy to dismiss as delusional. its the japanese fans who scares me lol. and i dont get the silent treatment from the jimusho. damn it! deny it alreaaaady!!!

        well back to shitsuren, i would like to ship jun & his drama ladies just for the heck of it. too bad they are all taken! so like you ill just ship him with chocolates and enjoy all that hand porn i guess.


  4. ” or I’m just delusional or he just needs the money.” LOL yupki!

    Ok so you have finished the manga right? Are Mizukawa Asami & Sato Ryuta’s characters side characters or main characters?


    • I haven’t even read the manga properly lol I think only up to chapter 3 or 4 has been translated?

      Ryuta seems to be a side character but Asami seems a main character.

      I don’t like the story! I hope they don’t make Sota too delusional and pathetic hahaha coz that’s what stopped me from giving the manga a proper read ><


      • Oh ok, I was kinda confused because I thought Ishihara Satomi was also a main character. O_O

        I doubt I’ll like the story either. >__>” But I will check it out for chocolate & the cast, HAHA.


  5. YES, oh god YES. I completely agree on Jun’s breadth of dramatic work. It really amazes me how the Arashi fandom doesnt tout him more as an accomplished actor when his body of work is just so diverse! He’s played the strong, the weak, the manly, the adorable, the asshole, the sweetheart, and I’m glad you mentioned Hajimari no Uta because that was such a solid piece of realism that showed off his real acting skills (you know, as opposed to ‘idol’ acting which emphasizes looking good and/or being funny more than being realistic or believable).

    And Arashi is driving me nuts with their jokes about wanting to do cameos in チョコ潤. I know it’s probably not happening, but oh man, the only thing that could make up for not hearing Sho’s sexy low voice rolling the end credits is a possible appearance of Sho teasing Mr. Perfect in chocolatiering (or maybe Sho exchanging notes with Sato ryuta on male/male 片思い? Excuse my fangirling heart, but I’ve read too many fanfics for my mind not to go there).


    • HAJIMARI NO UTA is my fave work of his! though I have to admit since I go for the fluffy and funny, I really love LUCKY SEVEN too. I love his chemistry with Eita and up to now, I am still hoping for a second season or a movie version lol

      I didn’t know they’ve been joking to do cameos in SHITSUREN! omg, I hope they do that! even just walking into the shop and buying chocolates… it would be funny lol


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