pandatherapy: ‘little dumpling’ makes her debut

Today was a big day at Taipei Zoo because it was the public debut of giant panda cub Yuan Zai, now six months old.




Yuan Zai is the first Taiwan-born cub and many must have heard the touching story on how she had to be separated from her mother when she was a few days’ old because of a wound. She was reunited with Yuan Yuan a month later and since then, the mother and daughter have captured hearts not only across the Straits but across the globe.




Yuan Zai is a camwhore I swear. She knows where the camera is and she knows how to pose. She’s also one curious, energetic cub who likes to climb and investigate what mommy is doing



During her presentation to the media on January 4, Yuan Zai did not have any stage fright and went on to charm the media. Just look at this photo on how she bravely faces them.



Taipei Zoo is doing one hell of a good job promoting the zoo through Yuan Zai with their blog, photos and videos on the cub. And here are more cute photos of the baby Yuan Zai (well, she’s still a baby).

I’m actually itching to revisit Taipei again, and yes, make a trip to the zoo to see this black and white bundle of joy. After all, it’s only a panda that can make me go back to a city full of bittersweet memories.

Move aside Rainie Yang, Amber Kuo, Michelle Chen and all those pretentious, trying hard little boy bands. The real star is here!




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