a fangirl’s 2014 bucket list



Instead of writing a list of new year resolutions that I won’t get to accomplish anyway, I choose to list down a number of things that I’d like to see myself doing this year. Of course it depends on a lot of factors like okane, the will to make them happen and a whole lot of kismet but as Sho said:

“Write it as a dream, read it as a goal.”

So here we go.

1. Travel to Japan – I’ve been going every year, either for work of vacation, except last year. I miss Tokyo. But I also would like to see other cities like Kyoto, Fukuoka, Sapporo and Osaka.

2. Attend 5×15 – it is the ultimate dream of every Arashi fan to watch them in concert. This year is their 15th anniversary and I’m looking forward to their plans for the year. I’m hoping there will be an Asian 5×15 tour because then, the options would be wider and more possible. But if they choose to just perform in Japan, then that means hitting goal #1 at the same time too. I’d just have to close my eyes, hold my breath, cross my fingers and my heart before plunging into the bloody, tricky fight for a ticket. Even now, I can see on Twitter many 2014 plans that include 5×15. I just hope I won’t have to sell my arm and leg, and my liver too.

3. Watch a CNBlue concert – well, this one was totally coming. And it has more possibilities of coming true than an Arashi concert in my vicinity. I just hope the guys won’t be drafted to the military soon because I need to see them perform live first before they do. Just thinking of watching Yong-hwa strut his stuff onstage, Jong-hyun and his melodic voice, Jung-shin and his rap and Min-hyuk twirling the drum sticks makes me want to scream my lungs out (and honestly, I am a moderate fangirl).

4. Go to a noraebang – and sing CNBlue songs until, well, I’m blue in the face. HEY YOU, LET’S GO CRAZY NOW OR NEVER. LOVE, I’M A LONER, I DON’T KNOW WHY. MAN IN THE MIRROR LIE IN MY HEAD. SWEET HOLIDAY BLUE SKY ILLUSION. LOVE GIRL Y, WHY, TEARDROPS IN THE RAIN. COWARD, WANNA BE LIKE YOU, ARIGATOU. ONE TIME, TRY AGAIN, SMILE AGAIN, READY N GO. BECAUSE I MISS YOU THESE DAYS DON’T SAY GOODBYE. YOU’VE FALLEN FOR ME HAVE A GOOD NIGHT. Those by the way are just some of the band’s songs and I always have fun stringing the titles to form a coherent thought. (There’s one thing though: romanized Japanese is easier than Korean; I can never figure out those strange spellings.)

5. Be conversant in Nihongo – I’m on level 2 now in my Japanese language lessons but my biggest obstacle is still reading the Katakana. Mecha muzukushii desu!!! I really don’t have any ambition of interviewing Arashi in entire Nihongo (and let’s be realistic, unless I work for those idol magazines that churn out the same stuff every month, I can never interview them to ask if they prefer boxers or briefs, among many other things I’d like to know).  I just want to be able to talk in decent Nihongo the next time I travel to Japan.

Okay, I’ll keep it at five. I’m just a simple girl and the older we get, the more realistic we become. And those five are not exactly easy to accomplish. So 2014, please smile down on me. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

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3 thoughts on “a fangirl’s 2014 bucket list

  1. I had the great good fortune to see CNBlue from 2 rows away (their joint concert with FT Island 2 years ago) and on my birthday! Definitely, go!


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