my imperfect idols: Jun & Yongyong

I recently came across a comment in a forum about CNBlue’s Jung Yong-hwa’s “crooked” teeth and why he hasn’t done anything about it.




To be honest, I hope Yong-hwa doesn’t do anything about “it” because it’s part of his charm. And he’s not the only one who has that “feature”. There’s also Yoon eun-hye who didn’t become this famous by looking like Song Hye-kyo.

The one who made the comment in a forum went on to say that it’s a turn-off seeing Yong-hwa’s teeth whenever he performs with the band. That could only mean either of two things: that CNBlue’s music is not good enough that this person chose to focus on the physical, or that this person’s idea of an idol has been molded by the “perfect idol world” that’s been largely made possible by cosmetic surgery.

This view brings to mind Singapore’s The Shit New Paper’s Miss Perfect herself Charlene Chua, who dubbed Japan’s HANA YORI DANGO cast as the “ugliest” thanks to Matsumoto Jun’s “orange peel skin”.




Of course, we can’t fault people like Miss Chua for being superficial. Entertainers are supposed to look good because, well, they are in the business of looking good. If they can’t sing, act or dance to save their lives, we can just stare at their pore-less skin, perfect nose and double eyelids.

But I’m more the exception to the rule. Of course it doesn’t hurt to be looking at eye candy. I love eye candy. But there’s only so much an eye candy can provide you. Too much candy can give you toothache you know and you can only stare so much until your eyes get strained and your brain gets toasted.

I like filling my eyes and my heart too. That’s why I like my idols more human. If they’re too perfect, I can’t relate. And that goes without saying that I can listen to Yongyong sing “Y, WHY” or prance around the stage with his guitar until he’s blue on the face, without even noticing that hey, he’s got crooked teeth.

Jun also used to have crooked teeth that he has since corrected. His case was worse than Yong’s as those were front teeth and if he didn’t correct it, it would have been really distracting–and let’s face it, may have been a serious impediment to his success as an idol. But the “orange peel skin”? It actually adds character to Jun’s strong, pretty features and if he had pore-less skin, it would have been so unjust. I’m also glad he–and the rest of Arashi– didn’t go for cosmetic surgery just to meet the “standard” of idol beauty. Besides, I don’t think these guys are the type who can sleep peacefully at night knowing what they have done all for the sake of being “perfect”. And isn’t it ironic that the “Mr Perfect” in Arashi is not so perfect himself? Which only proves that perfection is not according to a beauty chart but according to how human you are.

And interestingly, I’m writing this while watching MUSIC BANK on KBS and I’m confronted with idols who look perfect and similar as if they went to the same plastic surgeon. I couldn’t also help musing it must be so stressful for all these artists to try to be different just to stand out. And that’s why people like Matsujun and Yong-hwa, their imperfections and all, make a mark because they’re not your typical factory-issued idol.

But that’s just me. I do have faith in the fans of Arashi and CNBlue too that they are not shallow and superficial. After all, the guys from both groups have so much talent on offer for us to focus on crooked teeth and bad skin. On the other hand, it’s better for other people to criticize them for physical imperfections than for lousy acting or singing, because such criticisms reflect more on how skin-deep some people can get.

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6 thoughts on “my imperfect idols: Jun & Yongyong

  1. Amen! And I often find that there are some guys who convince me of their charms because they have such charisma that I don’t notice that they’re short (Lee Bum-soo) or gangly (Seong Jun) or some other “defect.” Ariel Lin has small eyes – so what! She can act and make me feel – and that’s why I’m her fan. Anyone who gets distracted by Matsujun’s skin while watching Hana Yori Dango isn’t really into investing in a performance. Definitely shallow.


    • Shallow is the word! lol and even more so when you’re reviewing a show and all you can focus is the physical side. and while these idols are in the business of looking good, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. what could be eye candy to one is an eye sore to another lol


  2. Matsujun with a perfect skin would be an injustice to humankind, womankind in particular. So no, Charlene Chua, I’ll take him with the orange peel skin, thank you very much.

    I used to watch a lot of k-dramas but it came to a point that I got so distracted by so many plastic faces that drama-watching turned into a game of identify-which-facial-parts-are-fake. So I stopped. All that obsession for “perfection” is not only shallow, it’s creepy as hell.


    • All that obsession for “perfection” is not only shallow, it’s creepy as hell.

      Your comments are always precious!!! lol

      I remember watching a drama (ironically, I don’t remember what it was though) and found myself being creeped out because I felt that each support actress had bits and pieces of Song Hye-kyo’s face from the eyes to the nose to the chin lol it was scary I tell ya!

      all the best in 2014 to you! you should be on WP XD


  3. Some people out there are already getting used to the idols with flawless look. Well, we can’t fully blame them because of the advantages of cosmetic surgery and photoshop! LOL! The thing about CNBLUE is that these four guys all look different to each other, and they also have different personalities (well, this is subjective because I only know them from their music, concert, variety show and Cheongdamdong 111! xD) And for the Japanese music industry. Oh, you can put all the JE boys together at the countdown and I can still tell who is who.


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