I got the CNBlues

I never lose myself everyday
I can get pressure at times
I’m gonna try again and back again
I’ll try it all night
Let’s go



Hey babe it’s sunny day but I also run away
Tick tock don’t wanna waste the time
I wanna keep on



I can feel it hit my flesh and bone
I don’t wanna be here on my own
Might miss a chance turning every stone
A moment or two and it’s gone

I’ll be damned if I do
I’ll be damned if I don’t do too
I find a way to get through
And that is you

Some of the days gotta pass you by
Not always great and you don’t know why
I will lift you up till you touch the sky
Cause I’m gonna make you fly



I don’t know why I don’t know why I love you baby
I don’t know why I don’t know how to put it baby
I don’t know how to do



See my eyes



Baby it’s now or never
This time is right oh oh
I got a feelin’ it’s for good without a doubt oh oh
We are forever me and you
Deep in your heart you know it’s true
Baby it’s now or never yeah
Feel so right



I’m still in our memory
I’m still in our love story
I’m still waiting for you here
I never lose heart, my love, my love



No one ever sees, no one feels the pain
I shed teardrops in the rain



Haruharu Monday Tuesday better day



Every morning, every night ‘hurry hurry up’
Every morning, every night ‘keep the calm’

At some time
We dream of street lights
We dream of hot nights
Hey listen, guys, look in the mirror
We have to slow down
Because we have enough time
Look in the mirror and loud out loud to yourself



I wanna feel, I wanna bleed
I wanna live like there’s no tomorrow
I wanna scream out in the night
I wanna make love like there’s no tomorrow
I wanna be like you



I don’t know much about the music
Even though we fail it’s worth
I know you know it’s all about my music
That changes our life with the change of season
You also change the life
Looking for a place to live in
There’s a long way to go, dreaming of a life
When the night has seemed to be be
Just fear at the free, it’s intertwined



Reaching for the sky
Tells the story of what you see
Just I know
All the people say in case
Xause there’s just one blue
We might see, maybe, same clouds at the same time
Even if another day
We are attached with the hope of who we are



Do you know?


cnblue wave

So yeah, I strung some of my favorite CNBlue songs (at least those with English lyrics) to tell some kind of a story. What story, I have no idea LOL But yeah, these guys are really talented I hope they become more successful and that, as one of their songs said, they won’t lose themselves as they swim in the tricky waters of Korean pop. May their music be their rock, and yes, pun intended.

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2 thoughts on “I got the CNBlues

    • lol I know!!! a friend of mine has been “pimping” their songs to me for three years! ironically, I’ve also covered them them in a Korean pop festival before and while they were the only ones I liked in the line-up (filled with K-pop idols), I didn’t become a fan. who knew?! it’s really true what they say, never say never!


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