[announcement] goodbye theasianpopculturist, hello orangejasminepurpleyam

I am letting go of theasianpopculturist.com domain, which was a project for my multimedia journalism degree. It was meant to establish a consistent identity on the world wide web and being interested in Asian pop culture, I thought it would be a good idea to use that brand.

However, for those who read this blog or follow my Asian pop Twitter account (which also used to be @asianpopculturist), it’s obvious that I only write or tweet about topics that interest me. And by this I mean Arashi, a drama I’m enjoying, Arashi, my seasonal flailings over certain celebrities, Arashi, Jay Chou, Arashi, issues that I feel strongly about for the just sayin’ portion of this blog, Arashi, music that I like, Arashi… you get the idea.

In other words, I don’t write everything about Asian pop culture because I can’t imagine writing about something I don’t have any iota of interest in. I can do that for my work, but not for something I do for pleasure. I don’t want to brand it with Arashi-something though because I want to be more forward-looking. There may come a time that I won’t be writing about Arashi or pop culture anymore but at the end of the day, I will always be a writer.

But why “orangejasminepurpleyam”?

Orange Jasmine is a song by Jay Chou known as Qi Li Xiang in Mandarin. He wrote it for me. It’s one of my fave Chou Jie-lun songs until now. Though my real name is spelled with a “Y”, it does not prevent people from calling me Jasmine, so yeah.

Purple Yam meanwhile has to do with my nickname (Yam) and how some friends call me “purple Yam”. Purple is also a favorite color thanks to Matsumoto Jun. There, I just showed my purple.

This change also aims to organize my other sites and accounts:

on Twitter: @asianpopfangirl (purple yam, for my Asian pop tweets) and @yupkigirl (orange jasmine, for life in general)

on tumblr: orangejasminepurpleyam

For those who read my ramblings and leave comments, thank you so much. This blog has not only been my repository of thoughts on topics that are close to my heart, it’s also been an exercise on writing since I don’t get to do that much in my job anymore. And it’s also given me a chance to meet interesting people online.




(art work by Yoshitomo Nara, also a fixture in my avatars)

orangejasminepurpleyam 12/1/13

© Yasminka Lee (blogging since 2001). Unauthorized use and/or duplication of the contents in Orange Jasmine Purple Yam without permission from the author/owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Yasminka Lee/Orange Jasmine Purple Yam with appropriate link to the original content.

8 thoughts on “[announcement] goodbye theasianpopculturist, hello orangejasminepurpleyam

  1. OMG at first when I read the title I read “GOODBYE” and I was all OMGAWD IS SHE DELETING HER BLOG OMG!!!!!! Then I saw “Hello” and sighed a breath of relief. 😛

    Wow I didn’t know your nickname is Yam. Do people call you Yam in a different language or in English?


      • I always think of you as yupik because I always misread your username as yupik isntead of yupki. T_T

        Yeah it is crazy the new year is already just around the corner!! Happy holidays!


      • haha yes I guess my online footprint from way way back tags me as yupki and boy, what it reveals about my fangirl life HAHAHAHAHAHA

        Happy holidays to you too!!!
        and in the new year, let’s wish for better dramas to watch! ;P


  2. OMG I thought you were saying goodbye forever too and I admit I panicked for a second there (in my mind I was like nooooooo, I just discovered you this year!). Glad to find out you’re still sticking around and will prolly – sounds like? – mixing personal musings and entertainment bits with this new domain!

    PS Gotta say I love how Arashi is inserted in ever other word in that middle paragraph haha, so apt but also true :p


  3. Haha, I too am glad to learn that you’ll still be here, just with a new name. 😉 The story behind the name is very interesting — thanks for sharing~


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